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For those of you that follow my blog, you already know I don’t pull any punches.  For those of you that are new to my blog, I’m telling you up front I am not prejudice: I try to be equally offensive to EVERYONE.  And today is no exception.

The stories come out of Moore, OK regarding the beheading of 54- year old Colleen Hufford are enough to make you puke.  The perp, Alton Nolan, had been fired from his job at a food processing plant and went back for whatever reason, killing Hufford and injuring another woman.  The ONLY reason this animal was stopped was because Mark Vaughan, a reserve sheriff’s deputy and the company’s COO shot him. Nolan, a convert to Islam, had been trying to convert his co-workers as well.

And authorities are classifying it as “workplace violence”.


Let’s be honest about this: this is NOT “workplace violence”- this is a blatant act of Muslim extremist TERRORISM.  Now, Nolan may have acted alone but that doesn’t change the fact that he murdered an innocent woman ISIS-style and by calling this horrendous, unthinkable EXECUTION (because, let’s face it, that’s what it was) “workplace violence”, the authorities have now condoned terrorism in its most brutal form and prevented any future freak like Nolan from being tried for the actual crime they commit: terrorism.

I am so sick of listening to Obama run his mouth about how Islam is a “religion of peace” while journalists, and now innocent factory workers, are beheaded in its name, and other freaks like Nolan celebrate like the Red Sox just won the Series.  If they think the US is so evil and Americans all deserve to die what the hell are they doing here in the first place??  If this country is so unclean why do they populate our universities??  If our women are all such whores, why do they pursue and marry them??  And if we’re all Capitalist Infidels, why are they employed here??  Let’s call a spade a spade, close our borders and start using a little racial profiling.  It’s time to STOP worrying about who we might “offend” and START protecting the American people!

But, it’s not just the Oklahoma killing.  How about the Muslin that are now part of the Ferguson protests and the traitorous congressman that supports them?  Antonio French wants to support them? Great.  He can get the hell out, too.  I’m sure they’d love to have him in Iraq or Syria and I’d love to see him go.

It’s time to stop coddling these people just because we might “offend” someone.  There is NO segment of American society that is special enough to warrant preferential treatment.  And if you think you’re part of one, get over yourself.  It’s the people that think they’re above everyone else that got us into this mess- and that includes our Commander in Chief.





There is a video up on YouTube posted by Pete Santilli’s group at Guerilla News Media that is an absolute must see.  This video pretty much sums up how I think the vast majority of Americans are feeling.  The sergeant that read the riot act to Iraqi cops in this vid deserves a damn medal, and if I wasn’t married he’d have to file a restraining order against me for stalking!  THIS is what our military should be doing.  Instead, we’re forced to fast for freakin’ Ramadan!  S’cuse me?  Our commanders have the unmitigated gall to make our service men and women- men and women who, I might add, have already seen MASSIVE budget cuts that have resulted in less than optimal conditions on the battlefield- FAST for Ramadan.  In fact, all of their usual routine will be disrupted for the Islamic holy month.

The juxtaposition of the sergeant in the video against this superficial observance of an alien religion is the perfect example of political correctness gone way to far.  Just my opinion, but we’re there to PROTECT them, to TRAIN them, to serve in an AUTHORITATIVE capacity so they won’t get bombed into oblivion by their own freakin’ people.  They should be kissing American  ass seven ways from Sunday and erecting altars in the name of John Wayne!!  I don’t see anyone ELSE over there to protect them.  From the very beginning of the reports of the ISIS insurgency it was clear that the Iraqis left there have absolutely NO backbone- jeezus! You’d think they were a bunch of gun-fearing Libs!!  Too pussy to even defend their OWN homeland!!  And then you have the sergeant from the video who refuses to take any bullshit from ANY of them.  Pin a medal on that boy’s chest and make him a General!

We have been in that god-forsaken country for 13 years, and we’re there AGAIN, trying to defeat an ideological enemy AGAIN, that will only resurface AGAIN under another name once we’re gone.  Obama replaced any military advisors that had any sense and now he has idiots that not only want to curb a war that’s been fought off and on for a thousand years, but want OUR soldiers to get with the program so they don’t “offend” anyone. Are you kidding me right now?  I would expect nothing less from an Administration that has PROVEN itself to be worthless and weak, and apologetic for us being the greatest nation in the world.  But, I would hope beyond hope that ALL our servicemen and women are of the same cloth as the unnamed sergeant in the video.

Thanks to Pete Santilli and the Guerilla Media Network for this video.  Might trade Naveen Andrews for that sergeant on my island……

This has been the longest week of my life.  The Big Freeze hit the Midwest along with a blizzard last Saturday and we are just now digging out from under all that snow.  My shoulder hates cold weather and I spent most of our “inside time” watching pirated first-run movies (the critics were wrong about Oblivion- it was really good) and wishing I was on that island with Naveen.  Time drags when you only leave the Lazy Boy to make more popcorn.  We were fortunate we didn’t lose power- a lot of folks around here did.  Kind of amazing to me considering our little electric co-op flips out when there’s a squirrel on the line and we’re down for hours.  It’s still cold but at least you won’t freeze to death in 20 minutes now.  And this weekend?  50’s.  Go figure.  HAS to be global warming.

I’ve been hearing all this crap about the Polar Vortex the last few days and how that’s actually a bi-product of global warming.  Now, I consider myself a fairly astute individual, and if there is a solid base of scientific reasoning out there linking the two I am more than willing to study the facts.  But, it has to be FACTS.  And it HAS to be delivered by someone other than the same morons that are delivering Common Core to our kids.

Let’s talk about that for a moment.  My kids are either in college or have graduated by now.  My oldest is 23 and is in military intelligence and my younger two are both sophomores.  I got lucky- even in my little half-horse town they brought Common Core in, but it wasn’t until AFTER the younger two graduated.  I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to it at first for that very reason. Until I learned how They were attempting to re-write our very history.  But, what really got me was math.  Yep, even Euclid’s not safe anymore. Did you know that according to the Common Core Method two plus two may or may not equal four?  If it equals seven in your universe as long as you explain how you achieved that answer, it’s okay.

S’cuse me?

My middle son is pre-med; wants to be a combat surgeon.  By the same logic, as long as he EXPLAINS why he chose to remove someone’s spleen as opposed to performing the thorasic surgery they were prepped for, it’s okay.

In what world does this make any sense?

It was bad enough when the Classics were taken out of public school curriculums-when junior high Jack London was replaced by more “modern literature” whose topics included bulemia and teen suicide (that’s what mine got- I made them read Jack London instead).  And it sucks that the fine arts programs are always the first to take the hit.

But what the hell is THIS?  I don’t understand.  And what I REALLY don’t understand is why more people aren’t distressed about it.  If I still had a kid in the public school system I’d yank him out and home school him.  Oh, wait, I can’t- because that would put me on a terrorist watch list!

Is it just me or is anybody else feeling like they moved into a parallel dimension sometime after 2004?

I grew up in Catholic schools-grade school, high school, even a Catholic university (pretty ballsy for a pagan, huh?).  I wrote a high school term paper on Jim Morrison and my English teacher refused to accept it because the topic wasn’t “appropriate”.  Wonder what he’d say about high school english now.

My kids had no choice.  I’ve got a degree in English Lit so they pretty much HAD to read Chaucer and Keats and Kerouac.  I threw some Hunter Thompson in there so they wouldn’t suffer too much.  Their friends don’t even know who Hunter Thompson IS, much less Chaucer or Keats.  My kids know the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the history of the men who wrote both and why (history minor).  They know EXACTLY where their ancestors came from and why (Scotland, because they’d pissed off the Crown.  Again.).  And they know EXACTLY where they’re going. (They also know the difference between their, they’re and there….).  I can’t say the same for their friends.

But, if it’s not global warming and the polar vortex scaring the shit out of the masses, They’ll just find something else; sabre-rattling with North Korea, on the brink with Syria, new antibiotic-resistant flu strains, banking bailouts, bail-ins or just plain crashes.  One thing this Administration does quite well is get the word out about the next impending apocalyptic possibility- without saying much of anything at all.

I guess we could all hold our breath till 2015.

Not me.

Not this year.

This is the year everything changes.

This is the year I come out of my shell.

Think how much fun we could have if we all lived like we could never fail, never lose.  I’m sick to death of all the near-disasters and the Fatalists, of wondering if I should live in fear just in case they’re right.  I’m sick of the control and the insidious insinuations and life being sucked out of everything by the unemployment numbers, or low housing starts or how broke I am.

I’m done.

This is the year *I* start living dangerously……