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A year ago, I died.

I don’t know how it happened, or when, or if it even registered on all the gizmos and machines I was hooked up to in the operating room.  But, I know that I did, and it has taken me a year- a YEAR- to wrap my head around what happened to me and be able to relate it in a way that makes sense to anyone reading this.  I should also say there is only one other person that knows the full extent of what occurred, what I saw, what was said to me.  I entrusted it to this person because, well, she’s a believer, like me- she believes there’s something beyond all THIS, even though she’s never seen it, or seen evidence of it.  Now, because of what happened to me, she KNOWS, just like I do, that THIS is not what we think it is.

Let me begin by saying there was no Tunnel, no White Light, no warm fuzzy Beings enticing me to join them.  There was only my father, passed now nearly 15 years, sitting on a park bench beside a lake I was later to learn was in Los Alamos, New Mexico.  He was enjoying a sunny day with many people in the park, picnicking, playing frisbee.  He sat there on the bench with my dog, Jake, also gone nearly as long now, reading the paper, drinking coffee from a brown flowered coffee mug I recognized only too well.  Dad was happy to see me, hugged me….and then asked what the hell I was doing there.  Naturally, I was all caught up in the whole “wow-Dad-it’s-so-good-to-see-you” mode and didn’t have any answer at first.  And then, it hit me:  shit.  I’m dead.  “No, you’re not”, he told me.  “Not yet.  You have a choice.  And right now I don’t want you here.  Right now, you’re not supposed to BE here, and you gotta go.”

Well, THAT sorta sucked.

Here I went to all the trouble of dying, and Dad didn’t want me there.

It was all over in an instant and I woke up in ICU wondering what the hell had happened.  It took me MONTHS to tell anyone.  It’s hard to write about, and even harder to talk about- this is the first my own mother is learning about the actual event.  But, it’s not the EVENT that is the important thing here; it’s what happened to me AFTER.

I came back different.  Even now, I’m not entirely sure I can articulate this in a manner that does not make me sound like I’ve spent too much time on a Vicodin holiday.  I think the people around me know something’s up, I think they sense that I’m not the same.  I think they ascribe it to the actual physical events that led up to me being in that operating room in the first place.  It’s more than that.  I came back different, true.  But, I came back feeling more like ME than I ever had felt before.

Since I “came back”, I’m happy 95% of the time.  For absolutely no reason at all.  Because of that, the rest of my life is changing, falling into place, reorganizing and reprioritizing itself.  Every day brings something new and fun and surprising.  I’ve learned things about myself I never knew, and things I thought I knew are no longer true.  I’m Scottish, I have a hair-trigger and a zero tolerance for stupidity; that hasn’t changed.  But, I find the things I flip out over being fewer and fewer and fewer.  Some might say this is just the discerning wisdom that comes with age; anyone that really knows me would say THAT’S bullshit, for sure.  But, I think they would ALL agree I’m not the same person I was a year ago.

I LIKE who I am now, who I’m becoming, because we’re all always in that state of BEcoming; that’s why we’re human BEings, not human DONEings.  I think this is problematic for some of the people close to me.  For others, it’s been received more like “well-what-TOOK-you-so-long?”.  I know there are some people that will not be part of my reality down the road-just like I know the bond I have with others will make us inseparable.  And I’ve learned to live my life by (and forgive my lame attempt at Scots-Gaelic here): “Na Iomall- Na Eagal”- No Fear, No Limits.

That’s the important thing to take away from all this; not that I looked Death in the face and said “Whatever,man”, or even that I “came back” different.  The important thing to take away from all this is that there ARE no accidents- the Universe DOES NOT make mistakes.  And no matter where you are or what you’re currently living, there is always-ALWAYS-a choice.  I have a perfect life. Nothing has changed, really.  I still have enough red hair for three people, I still live in the same house, I still have my beloved coonhound, Isabel, and I’m still waiting to move to that island with Naveen.  But, now I know- I KNOW– there’s more to this life than what we can only see.    I don’t walk into the grocery store and ignore the prices.  Yet.  I don’t have that strong size 4 body again.  Yet.  But, my life IS perfect because it’s all about perception.  I have such a greater appreciation for everything from the spider webs that form in their unrivaled intricacy across my begonias to the advice my mother offers or the stories of the Old Days she tells.  I love more unconditionally and had even made friends with individuals that some would consider strange bedfellows.  I forgive quicker, calm down sooner.  All because I now KNOW our lives are a DIRECT REFLECTION of our perspective.  Because I KNOW there is a Source, a Wise Intelligence, A Higher Self, that exists in each and every one of us that is ALWAYS on our side, that is ALWAYS in concert with our desires and goals.  If we tune into it- we don’t even have to hear it in the full Jane Roberts sense- if we can just FEEL it- Life changes in the most dramatic of ways.  Relationships evolve, situations shift, and our own emotions somehow smooth out and allow us a heightened sense of clarity and purpose.

It would take months for me to recover but my doctors were all amazed at the recovery I did make.  Apparently, for anyone else it would have taken much longer.  I can only attribute that recovery and my ongoing return to perfect health because of that shift in my perspective.  I’ve related this here because I’m hoping whoever reads this will understand that it’s not necessary to have a Near Death Experience to achieve the state of mind and emotional well being I have now.  I honestly thought it would wear off; that it was just a by-product of being so grateful to be alive.  Instead of diminishing, however, it’s only gotten stronger- more.  For everyone that’s reading this, I wish the same for you.  I wish that you can find this place as well, sans NDE.  I wish that every morning you wake and smile and your first thought is “I wonder what surprises are ahead today” and mean it with anticipation.  I wish we could ALL approach life that way, understanding we have the choice to create what we want by shifting our perspective.  In the end, I think we all will, as Humans.  I think that’s the next step in our evolution; creating happiness inside us right where we are, then watching it manifest around us.  Until then, I’ll wait right here, willing to share my own observations, my own experience, and FEELING good every day……..


There is a video up on YouTube posted by Pete Santilli’s group at Guerilla News Media that is an absolute must see.  This video pretty much sums up how I think the vast majority of Americans are feeling.  The sergeant that read the riot act to Iraqi cops in this vid deserves a damn medal, and if I wasn’t married he’d have to file a restraining order against me for stalking!  THIS is what our military should be doing.  Instead, we’re forced to fast for freakin’ Ramadan!  S’cuse me?  Our commanders have the unmitigated gall to make our service men and women- men and women who, I might add, have already seen MASSIVE budget cuts that have resulted in less than optimal conditions on the battlefield- FAST for Ramadan.  In fact, all of their usual routine will be disrupted for the Islamic holy month.

The juxtaposition of the sergeant in the video against this superficial observance of an alien religion is the perfect example of political correctness gone way to far.  Just my opinion, but we’re there to PROTECT them, to TRAIN them, to serve in an AUTHORITATIVE capacity so they won’t get bombed into oblivion by their own freakin’ people.  They should be kissing American  ass seven ways from Sunday and erecting altars in the name of John Wayne!!  I don’t see anyone ELSE over there to protect them.  From the very beginning of the reports of the ISIS insurgency it was clear that the Iraqis left there have absolutely NO backbone- jeezus! You’d think they were a bunch of gun-fearing Libs!!  Too pussy to even defend their OWN homeland!!  And then you have the sergeant from the video who refuses to take any bullshit from ANY of them.  Pin a medal on that boy’s chest and make him a General!

We have been in that god-forsaken country for 13 years, and we’re there AGAIN, trying to defeat an ideological enemy AGAIN, that will only resurface AGAIN under another name once we’re gone.  Obama replaced any military advisors that had any sense and now he has idiots that not only want to curb a war that’s been fought off and on for a thousand years, but want OUR soldiers to get with the program so they don’t “offend” anyone. Are you kidding me right now?  I would expect nothing less from an Administration that has PROVEN itself to be worthless and weak, and apologetic for us being the greatest nation in the world.  But, I would hope beyond hope that ALL our servicemen and women are of the same cloth as the unnamed sergeant in the video.

Thanks to Pete Santilli and the Guerilla Media Network for this video.  Might trade Naveen Andrews for that sergeant on my island……

Maybe I have a different take on the whole thing in Iraq being a Blue Star mom, and maybe I’m just a simple woman from a fly over state, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what’s going on there.  I listened to the presser while Barry ran his mouth about the “options” we had and how he swore there would be NO boots on the ground- at the exact same time he was ordering boots on the ground.  I’m sorry- I mean “military advisors.”  Three hundred of them??  Uh-huh.  But we’re just there “advising”.  I have to ask: exactly how stupid does Obama really think we are?  Does he honestly believe that if fired upon, these “advisors” won’t fire back?  And doesn’t that constitute and act of agression AKA war??  But, we’re not going back.  No, siree, bub.  I have to agree with Ulsterman on this:  And on Fox Sunday this morning, there was ol’ Juan “I’m-Gonna-Keep-Wavin’-The-Obama-Flag-No-Matter-What” Williams with the audacity to say that it was Bush that wanted to leave Iraq.  Yep, that’s right, Juan- I’ll give ya that.  But, it was YOUR good buddy, Barry, that pulled out the contingency force,  directly against the sound advice of his advisors.  Yeah, ‘cuz, you know, Obama is such a friggin’ Alexander the Great, and has such a strong bead on exactly what’s going on.  They’re BOTH idiots and should just never speak.  Here’s a thought:  get somebody to channel Reagan and glass Iraq back to the stone age.  That’d sure as hell stop the ISIS threat.  And I gotta say, the release of Bowe Bergdahl is tantamount to treason- it seems to be the gift that keeps on giving.  Nice going, Barry.  Were you born stupid or did your momma just drop you on your head too many times?

And, as if  this wasn’t enough to piss off everyone in America, the flood of illegals across the border has resulted in Texas calling militias to the border :   Thank God somebody has some sense out there.  Where’s Barry O on this one?  The golf course.  Well, at  least he’s got his priorities straight.  Is it no wonder Americans are leaving this country in record numbers?  I’ll go by way of Texas- I’m convinced it’s the last bastion of American freedom.

Living in the People’s Republic of Illinois, which is the beta test state for every screwed up plan Obama’s cronies concieve (‘cuz he ain’t smart enough to do it, let’s face it…), I see first hand all kinds of crap, from the rationing of healthcare (oh, yes, Virginia, it DOES exist) to the pensions in perpetuity to the midwest version of the Dream Act, and all I can say is if it walks like a fascist and talks like a fascist….I need to be one of those “embedded reporters” for the  Washington Times.  I can tell them what it’s really like, living in the anal repository of the country.  It’s alot like Detroit-except there’s people.

So, if any of you brave souls out there want to see Obamanation Live, come for a visit.  Bring a coffeecake, I’ll put on a pot of bourbon, and we’ll have a LOST marathon-being on that island beats the hell outa being here……and better make it soon, before They haul me off to a FEMA camp for “reeducation”…….

Once upon a time in a little town in Nevada, there lived the last surviving holdout in a dangerous game of Whack-a-Mole with the Bureau of Land management.  Cliven Bundy has become an American icon for making a stand against an out of control Federal government and the armed bureaucrats it supports.  Remember the famous Obama speech where we were all told that we needed a “civilian force that was just as well trained, just as well armed” as our military? Well, he wasn’t kiddin’.  The BLM in Nevada looks just freakin’ Nazi stormtroopers!  In fact, if *I* was that well armed in the state of Illinois, I’m sure I’d be committing several felonies!  The stand-off has gone on for a couple of weeks now, with the BLM withdrawing, only to have rumors surface of imminent drone strokes.  Of course, the Lame Stream Media had zero interest in the story until it looked like They could spin it to suit Their needs by twisting statements Bundy made and painting him to be a racist. This was later debunked and, as expected, Bundy was no longer one of Their top stories.  The fact that Dirty Harry Reid is in this up to his eyeballs, along with his slimeball son, over a deal they cut with the Chinese to put a solar farm on the Bundy Ranch doesn’t seem to matter to Them.  What matters is how They can twist Bundy to fit Their mold.

Good luck with that, boys.  See, the problem is, Bundy is too much like us, or our parents, or grandparents.  He comes from a generation where political correctness was filling in the oval completely when you voted and words were words, not labels, not demographic delineators and certainly not continuously “offending” someone.  He believes in truths that seem to be dying, little things like Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  He takes a man at his word, judging him by his character, not by the color of his skin.  And he is one of the last survivors of Rugged Individualism, something our Government has desperately been trying to stamp out.  Their attempt, however, has had an inverse affect, stirring that inborn calling in folks from Utah to New Hampshire.

That aside, it becomes all too obvious in the Lame Stream Media’s attempt to vilify Bundy that the exploitation of the Black Experience DID NOT end with the civil rights movement.  Those of us old enough to remember are very much aware at what lie at the heart of Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” and understand perfectly well what Bundy meant by his comments of blacks essentially swapping one form of slavery for another.  I grew up in a small town where you could count the number of black families on both hands.  That being said, however, color never entered into the equation in daily life in Clarinda (big shoutout to everyone if Page County!).  The civil rights movement sought to end racial division and inequality and the Johnson Administration did its level best to prop it up, somehow subliminally convincing the black population that their best hope was the housing authority and food stamps, when men like MLK were stating the very opposite.  And, yes, you had to know this was coming: I believe it to be just one more conspiracy to enslave a nation of freethinkers and visionaries, one segment of the population at a time.

And, it worked.  Look around you.  Even Nancy Pelosi admits that food stamps and unemployment checks give you the “best bang for your buck”.  It’s no longer a Black/White thing.  It’s no longer a Democrat/Republican thing.  Hell, it’s not even an Liberal/Conservative thing now.  It’s US versus THEM and the only way- the ONLY way- They can continue to keep us in bondage is for us to continue to buy into the social and racial stereotypes THEY THEMSELVES developed and foisted upon us. The Urban Institute actually verifies Bundy’s claims that the black population is NOT better off ( and things have only degenerated since the 1960’s.  And it’s not just them.  Society, at large, is NOTHING like it was then.  Granted, we’ve made all kinds of inroads into advanced medicine and technology, but the sad truth is the very fabric of the HUMAN experience has eroded tragically since then.

Let’s just take a look at Chicago’s statistics.  In 1967 there were 548 murders in the city of Chicago, with a clearance rate of 91.1%  In 2010, over 40 years later, there were 437 with a clearance rate of 33.9%.  The number of rapes over 40 years ago was at 1397.  In 2010, there were 1400.  Granted, the clearance rate of these cases went from 12.5% to 46%, but violent sexual assault in 1967 was not seen in the same criminal light it is today and many women just did not come forward about the identity of their attackers if it was known.(

In 1960, the population of Chicago was well over 3.5 million (  In 2010 in dropped to 2.6 million.   In 1960, there were just over 10,000 sworn officers in the city of Chicago ( compared to nearly 12,300 in 2010.  That’s an increase of 2300 officers for a population that has decreased by nearly 1 million, a number that gives us 1 police officer for every 400 people LEAVING the city.  Obviously, increased police presence has done little to affect the crime rate.  So, what has? TV? Video games?  Wholesale automatic weapons?

Your guess is as good as mine.  Personally, I think it’s been the continual erosion of what were once known as “American values”- self- accountability, responsibility, work ethic.  Why foster any of these qualities if the Nanny State takes care of all your needs?  Why exhaust yourself, suffer disappointment, expend all your resources just to build something to give you a sense of pride when you can far more easily hang out on the couch and watch Judge Judy while all you needs are met by some government agency?

I just don’t understand the mindset.  Sometimes I feel like I don’t even belong on this planet.  I can’t see  myself ever taking the “easy way” out- I’m just not built like that.  But, conversely, I also don’t want to come across as judging those who do- that’s not my job.  If that’s your “pursuit of happiness”, more power to ya.  It’s just not mine.

And, let’s face it, I’m never gonna find Naveen Andrews or buy that island sitting on the couch all day.  I’m thinkin’ that might require some work………

Looks like it’s on in the Ukraine.  The Russian Vice Admiral has declared war.


As of this writing, it’s 6:30pm in the Heartland, and just about 3 hours our Feckless Leader, Barack Obama, came out on national news (they even broke into Judge Judy’s show for this) threatening that “there would be costs” if Putin made his move.

And Putin did.

So, what now?

Let’s look at this situation about as objectively as we can.  Let’s pretend for a minute that this whole Ukrainian uprising thing wasn’t fomented, backed and funded by US.  Yes, us. (  And let’s pretend that we have no interest in throwing in our favorite Central Banking puppet as a new Prime Minister or President just to prop up the dollar (  Let’s even pretend that we have no interest in their energy reserves (  All that aside, what could we possibly gain from backing the Ukraine in the face of Putin?



Regardless of what the agenda-complicit media spins the Ukrainian chaos into, let’s not forget that the United States has NO BUSINESS providing any sort of military intervention.  What’s happening in the Ukraine is an internal matter involving the people of the Ukraine and,now, Russia.  While I think the rioting is horrendous and the families of those protesters killed should have our sympathies, WE have no need to go any further.  We do not need to send billions in aid when we have just decimated our own military (  We do not need to get involved in THEIR politics.  And we most certainly do not need to support them in this war with our troops.

So, that begs the question: what are the “costs” that Obama is talking about?

If this is taken before the NATO Security Council, it will be bounced, because Ukraine is not a NATO country.  If it’s taken to the UN, Russia sits on the Security Council there, so how do you think THAT will go?  And if Obama decides to do the DUMBEST thing possible and actually intervene with military aid,  that could quite possibly be the tipping point for a revolution here at home.

Again, I ask:  what are the “costs” Obama is talking about?  What cards could he possibly have to play?  We all know that our only interest in the Ukraine is what it can provide for us.  If this same thing was happening in Great Britain and the Scots suddenly decided to revolt (hey, it’s comin’)  no one would give a shit because they have nothing we want.

This situation will become much, much worse before it gets better, and I hope that we can stay far enough removed from it as to not have those “costs” reflected here at home.  As they say, the situation is “fluid” and it will be worth watching to see how it plays out.

As ever, eyes open.  It’s gonna get weird…..

I’ve been on this socio-political crusade of mine for so long I almost forgot why I started this blog.  I am a self-admitted conspiracy theorist, not in the tin-foil-hat-wearing sorta way, but more in the what-the-hell-are-They-hiding-my-best-friend-called-me-Mulder sorta way.  One of my Prime Directives has always been to uncover the truth behind the Lights In the Sky everyone, including myself, has seen over the decades.  Real Truth.  Not this-guy-who-knew-someone-who-lived-nextdoor-to-a-guy-who-worked-at-the-Burger-King-where-guys-from-Area-51-used-to-eat truth.  Definitive Proof.  Undeniable Evidence.  Men-in-Black-took-my-harddrive PROOF.  I believe that, along with the Kennedy Assassination and the Birth Certificate Issue, our Government has gone to extraordinary lengths to throw a blanket over information that would change the course of human history as we know it because They don’t believe that We as a society are intelligent enough to deal with the ramifications disclosure would bring.  If you go on  the video taped accounts of about 75% of the eyewitnesses, I would have to agree; a lot of them come across as being cast as extras for Billy Bob’s Next Great Invention.

But, what about the ones that aren’t immediately recognized as nutjobs and psychopaths?

Dr. Steven Greer is damn hard to ignore (this one’s for you, Kyle).

At the age of 8, Greer claims to have seen a UFO at close range, an event that spurred his interest in Ufology for the rest of his life.  We’re not talking about Bubba and his cousin seeing something weird in the woods one night.  Greer is a legitimate medical doctor and a member of Alpha Omega Alpha, an honor society for those in the bio-sciences, that doesn’t grant memberships like Columbia Records House.  This is a highly selective academically based fraternity (guessin’ there weren’t too many beer bongs at their frat house…) that doesn’t screw around on admissions.  He later went on to found CSETI-Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence and in 1997, along with former astronaut (yeah, a FREAKIN’ ASTRONAUT) Edgar Mitchell, testified before Congress on the existence of ET’s, giving a full briefing to CIA Director James Woolsey that same year.  The following year,in 1998, Greer gave  up his emergency room practice and devoted his time to the Disclosure Project, a research project devoted to disclosing the truth about our knowledge, interaction and continual involvement with Extraterrestrial Lifeforms and the Government coverup that keeps it all quiet (

This guy ain’t stupid.  I like to think of myself as a fairly intelligent individual but keeping up on a GOOD day with Greer would be a stretch.

So, if he’s not crazy or psychotic what is he?

Well, that’s the question, now isn’t it?

In 2013, Greer, along with Emmy-winning filmmaker Amardeep Kaleka, produced the Disclosure documentary Sirius, released on April 22nd of that same year. I don’t like hawking product-a side affect from my last paying gig-but I HIGHLY suggest going to and renting it online for 5.00$.  That’s less than the cost of a decent quality 12-pack, and, really, what else did you have planned for Wednesday night?  The film explains our contact and connection to ET’s, as well as their gift of free energy technology.

And now you know why everyone has attempted to discredit Greer and his followers-hell, ANYONE that has enough humility to believe We Are Not Alone: those last three words: Free Energy Technology.

The coverup that exists here is the same reason Edison is a freakin’ hero for the lightbulb, instead of the manipulative thief he really was.  Same reason we even WENT to Viet Nam, Iraq, Kuwait, any of the Stans.

What’s my Number One Rule, kiddies?

You want to know the Truth, you follow the money.

You dig through enough Quarterly Reports and Yearly Assessments and you can find the answer to pretty much anything.

Consider the ramifications if this planet had access to and utilized energy production techniques and procedures that made it not only clean to use, but free for EVERYONE; the US,  Third World countries eating bananas and dirt…EVERYONE.  Think of the number of industries- entire industries- that would be literally wiped out overnight.  Think of the panic that would ensue because the oil and natural gas industry disappeared while you were sleeping and the Market not only tanked but zeroed out.  Every broker on Wall Street would be street pizza and every investor would be found chewing on the business end of a .38.  Texas.  Holy shit!  What would happen to Texas???.  Yeah, overnite would not be a pretty thing.


Think of the industries free energy technologies would OPEN UP.  Think of the emerging countries that barely have electricity now being Internet capable and savvy in just a few months.  Think of the freedom we would have in this country if what we budgeted for the electric bill and the gas bill and fueling our vehicles was suddenly freed up, along with a whole mess of new employment opportunities to go with it.  Think of what kind of planet we would have if there was a realistic way to end our pollution and natural resource depletion issues.  Fukashima would never happen again.

And, there’s your answer.  There is too much money to come forward with the facts, too much at stake, too many in positions of power that have already said we’re nuts to come forward with “Uh…you know that Disclosure thing?…..”

Sixty-six years when that first interstellar frat boy and his buds got a little too loaded on their vacay and logged the very first FUI in New Mexico, the United States Government almost immediately went to work locking down the whole idea of extraterrestrial contact, smearing those who dared disagree because They saw the possibilities.  Our Government is nothing if not opportunistic; “never let a crisis go to waste”, right?  And we saw an explosion in technology like we’d never seen before.  Integrated circuit chips, fiber optics, lasers, night vision capabilities, kevlar- not to mention all the “classified” products:  stealth technology, particle beam weaponry, and psychotronics (machines controlled by thought-yes, they exist-look it up).  Where the hell you suppose all THAT came from?  Bunch of guys at MIT on a REAL  good day?  Or could it have been reverse engineered over 6 decades?  And then, there’s possibility that it was reverse engineered and we were also aided for some time by what else they found at the crash scene–biological entities.

Even if you don’t subscribe to the whole They-kept-spacemen-captive-and-picked-their-brains theory, there’s a whole lot of evidence to support the case for reverse engineering.

In his book, The Day After Roswell (available at a bookstore near you…) Col. Phillip J. Corso, was a Post Duty Officer at Fort Riley, Kansas in 1947, the night a shipment of Roswell artifacts arrived from Fort Bliss,and swears there were bodies on board, having examined one of the bodies himself.  The shipment was headed for Wright Patterson in Ohio, and eventually Corso ended up spearheading the Army’s super-secret reverse-engineering projects at places like IBM, Hughes Aircraft, and Bell Labs–all without the companies’ knowledge.  He goes on to say that the long-rumored Majestic-12 group established by President Truman to continue the work on these extraterrestrial based projects did, in fact, exist.

Corso is not alone in his confessions.  Major Jesse Marcel was first on the scene at Roswell and asserted it was never a “weather balloon”.  Sgt. Robert Porter helped load the debris and was on the B-29 flight from Roswell to Fort Worth, where Marcel displayed some recovered material to Gen. Roger Ramey before proceeding on to Wright Field, Ohio. These men are just few of the dozen or so to have either witnessed the crash site in Roswell or the debris that was gathered from it.

Can they all be crazy?  Out to capitalize on a little notoriety?  Doubtful.  Most were discredited or branded in some way, not even sharing their stories with the wider public until the Nineties and Stan Friedman’s investigations (

Even today, the information is still being deliberately withheld from the public, although there is hope to assume that Disclosure will happen in our lifetime.  The UN actually has an Ambassador for Outer Space Affairs (  Even the Vatican has jumped on the ET bandwagon (, saying that extraterrestrial life wouldn’t necessarily be in need of Christ’s redemption.  Hmmm…..

The bottom line here is there something going on, something They don’t really want us to know, but They’re having trouble keeping the lid on,  something that will HAVE to come out eventually.  We cannot continually be so arrogant as a species to assume that we are the only sentient, organic life in the Universe capable of thought and reason.  Jesus, how screwed up would THAT be??  It’s just US??  I certainly hope not.

Until the lid comes off and we find out for sure, I, for one, am patiently waiting for the Mother Ship to beam me up, because we all know there’s no intelligent life here…..

My head is still reeling after the report the other day in which President Obama said that he didn’t need Congress- he had a “pen and a phone”.(

S’cuse me? Because THAT’S not FASCIST!

But, it gets better.  Two days ago he blamed his abysmal approval rating on the fact that he is Black.  (

Why are the pretty ones always so fucking dumb?

It seems to me that this Administration is in its death throes and desperate for a way out- a way to blame all the IMMENSE failures over the last six years on something other than Bush, because They know we’re all sick of hearing that one.  Because he’s Black, because his mommy didn’t love him, because he smoked too much weed in high school- this is why he threatens to bypass Congress and do whatever he feels like, like some kinda spoiled frat boy at home on the Cape with his parents gone for the weekend?

I got news for him:  People don’t like him because he’s the worst President in American history and has done more to DIVIDE and DESTROY this country and it’s founding principles than any other person on the planet!  People don’t like him because, frankly, he sucks.

And bypassing Congress to do whatever he pleases?  Well, that blame lies directly on the shoulders of Congress itself.  Who never read the Healthcare bill?  Who voted for the 2012 NDAA, that has since taken on an even more macabre life of it’s own?  Sure as hell wasn’t ME, and if you’re reading this blog I KNOW it wasn’t you.

I think we all got too cocky in 2010 when “our guys” swept the midterm elections.  I think we all thought we could sit back and relax after all the hard work we put in to get our candidates to Capitol Hill.  And I think it turned around and bit us in the ass. We were sold a bill of goods, sold out, sold up the river and sold bullshit wholesale.  But, hindsight is always 20/20, and we TRUSTED they would do the right thing.  Now, look what’s happened:  Marco Rubio has sold us out on Immigration, Paul Ryan sold out the vets in the latest spending bill (because, ya know, care at the local VA is top notch and that can be cut back), Lindsay Graham, well, he just got weird.  And we bought it.  We bought all the campaign promises and believed John Boehner was really going to whoop ass in the House.  Uh-huh.  What a weenie.

The arrogance and ignorance of Obama is Astounding. Colonel Harry Riley’s right; we have been backed into a corner and have no choice.  Impeachment proceedings are laughable at best, and Obama would never be convicted anyway, even if the Senate went along with it.  (  We have no other options EXCEPT to rise up in peaceful protest enmasse in DC and shut the city down.  No one is listening so we must make our voices heard and calling your congressman has obviously proven to be a joke.  (I’m DEFINTELY headed for a FEMA camp!).

My oldest son is in the military.  He went in because he believed in the principles this country was founded on and that serving this country, protecting me and his little brother and sister, was the highest form of service.  He joined because he wanted to make a difference and let the rest of the world know that this is still the land of the free.  He works in Military Intelligence and is already talking about re-upping for Counter Intelligence.  I admire his integrity  and his sense of honor because I wouldn’t be serving now, not under the Commander in Cheif we have that exhibits strong signs of mental instability.  But, for everyone else that can’t or won’t enlist, we HAVE to do something, and Col. Riley’s American Spring is it.  If They won’t listen to us, we’ll take it to their doorstep like cat poop they can’t step around.

Thomas Jefferson said that the Tree of Liberty must be refreshed time to time with the blood of Patriots.  I believe he was right.  This President has already claimed the lives of 1679 servicemen and women since he took office, and that’s not counting the rising number of veteran suicides every day.  ( (We need to get the hell out of every “stan” there is, but that’s the topic for another blog…)  And for what?  So he can look like a brilliant Commander on the world stage?  Not after Putin made him look like an idiot in negotiations with Syria.  (It’s not fair:  the Russians get Rambo and we get Erkel.)  Do you really think Susan Rice would have gotten her promotion if Vlad was running the country? (  No- those responsible for Benghazi would have been lucky to be exiled to a gulag in Siberia (do they still do that there?).

Our biggest problem really isn’t even the fact that Obama’s a dick.  Our biggest problem is US; we take no interest in anything as a collective unless it threaten to impinge on our own three feet of personal space.  Remember how we all felt after 9-11?  Remember the sense of unity and confederation we had?  That’s because it entered that three feet of personal space; we all knew someone that had a person they cared about in those towers.  We were ALL ready to break out the can of whoopass on whoever it was that did it.  I personally had friends Tower 1 that were killed and I called the Marine Corp recruiting station the next day (I was 35 at the time so they didn’t want me) and had my scout troop running a carwash by the end of the week to raise money for the survivors.  The point is we all DID SOMETHING even if it was just praying for the victims.

Now look at us.

We argue over who’s going to win the Super Bowl and care more about American Idol than we do our own neighbors.  We get all offended because Phil Robertson stated his personal beliefs in a public venue and yet, how many of us would have the same conviction of our beliefs?  We cared more at Christmas about getting that last Ferbie or whatever the hell it was than we did about thousands of our troops that would spend Christmas eating MRE’s.  We’re more concerned about whether we should buy silver now, while it’s still low than we are with the fact that our Republic, for all intents and purposes, is GONE.

And I know that if you’re reading this blog, you probably do care; I’m speaking in collective terms.  Hell, as a collective I don’t think we could even tie our damn shoes.  There was a time when being American stood for something, when living in the United States was an honor.  Now, we’re the butt of jokes in Der Speigel and out President is a laughing stock.

It looks grim but I don’t think it’s too late.  I think, if we adopt the same attitude we had on 9-12 and break out that can of whoopass I think we can save our Republic.  But, we have to stand up and we have to do it NOW.  I know it’s a scary proposition to be That Guy-the one that bucks the system and says the plan sucks.  But, we ALL have to be That Guy now- we ALL have to come together and put our collective boot on the throat of our oppressors.  Have faith- if you become That Guy you won’t be alone.  Protest has a domino effect; if you build it, they will come.

If you have the means to join Col. Riley in Washington on May 16th, I suggest you do so.  If you don’t, make May 16th a day of protest in your own community.  If we can join hands for Michael Jackson  and Ethiopia back in the 80’s then we sure as hell can get together for this.  And if we can’t, then there really is no hope.  My father was the most loving and compassionate man I have ever known.  He was also an ex-Marine.  If Dad were here right now I know exactly what he’d say: “Don’t let the bastards getcha down”.

He’s right.  Now, is the time for action- the window of opportunity won’t be open much longer.  When my grandchildren ask me where I was the day we took our nation back, I want to tell them I had a front row seat.  And if I end up in a FEMA camp, well, I’m hoping Naveen Andrews is a Conservative rebel, too…..