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Just exactly how far gone is the Obama White House and the President himself?  How wide is the disconnect between Real Life and Obama’s MTV version of what’s going on Out There?  We have one of the most ruthless terrorist collectives ever seen operating with impunity right now in the mid East, claiming to have sleeper cells ready to strike in this country, and yet, the lead story for two freakin’ weeks has been the death of Michael Brown and the riots in Ferguson, MO.  Four minutes after expressing “sorrow” over the beheading execution of seasoned journalist James Foley, the Commander in Chief was fist-bumping it with his buds on the links, while Eric Holder was on his way back from kissing ass in Ferguson,  Is there something wrong with this picture?  ISIS has performed their opening act across most of the mideast virtually unhindered and with no real threat of containment by the US (bombings aside) but a cop that shoots a criminal in self-defense warrants intense scrutiny by a Justice Department whose judgement is questionable at best.  You have to ask yourself what the hell is going on.

Let’s examine this for a moment.

For two weeks Ferguson, MO, had been the site of violent protests and demonstrations in the wake of the shooting death of Mike Brown, a young Black man from that community whose life choices obviously caught up to him.  Nevermind the absence of fact or evidence, Obama ,deciding the police must have once again  acted stupidly  a la Harvard, sent Eric Holder to the scene to sort out what was going on and make sure a Federal autopsy (the third that was performed) went smoothly.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, ISIS is cutting a path across the Syria, slaughtering with impunity in the most barbaric of manner and Obama took a vacation (after all, he works so very hard).  His advisors have quite literally been begging him to take a stance on ISIS and do something-anything- to deal with the threat the group poses to the rest of the Mideast, Europe and the US.  President Pollyana, however, is more interested in his golf score.


Ferguson fits the Agenda.

From day one, this President claimed to be part of a Post Racial presidency that would operate with transparency, honesty and across racial lines to bring America back to greatness.  From day one, this president has done anything but.  His administration has seized every available opportunity to create and foment racial tension and division, and have done so irrespective of any truth or accountibility.  From the incident involving the Harvard police to the over-the-top treatment of the Treyvon Martin case, Obama has done his level best to to not only incite racial division but exploit the Black community and continue to reinforce the traditional narrative of victimization.  He has promoted mistrust of law enforcement and painted young Black men as targets with the help of race-baiters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, who only speak to the oppression and violence within the Black communities, rather than taking their broad sphere of influence to a higher level and teaching these “victims” how NOT to be one, through education and personal responsibility.  The riots in Ferguson have served the President well, highlighting the racial division of the country (which only maintains it) while at the same time offering no solutions for it.  The facts of the Brown case, as in the other examples, are irrelevant.  The case itself serves to show exactly how oppressed the Black Man is.  How Obama can stand in the rose garden as President of the greatest nation in the world and even suggest Black oppression is beyond me.

James Foley is another matter entirely.  Obama has no interest in foreign policy, nor does he have the constitution required for the strong execution of one.  The tragic murder of Foley meant exactly zero to him, other than to give lip service to the need for ISIS containment.  How can he speak to containment of a group made of not only Al Queda but Muslim Brotherhood as well when there are members of the Brotherhood in his OWN administration?  There has been a strong case made for Obama being an Islamic sympathiser and the murder of Foley cannot be written into a narrative where Islam is a “religion of peace”.  There is no way to spin the rise of ISIS and the atrocities committed  in a way that adheres to the Administration’s credo of never letting a crisis go to waste.  And since it is Obama’s own ineffectual foreign policy and reckless decisions such as freeing the Taliban Six that gave rise to ISIS in the first place, pushing this issue into the fore with the same intensity as the Ferguson riots would only focus on the fact that Foley’s death,is essentially Obama’s fault.

Far better to focus the nation’s attention on an issue that Obama, as a community organizer, can appreciate and exploit to the fullest, which he has done as expected, with Alinsky-style perfection.  It’s interesting to note that while most of the protestors’ vitriol has been toward the rise of an overly militarized police force, the mouth pieces Jackson and Sharpton are still perpetuating the situation as being racial in nature.  But, this is what Obama does, this is what he was trained to do as a community organizer; exploit the event and spin the situation in a way that will serve a broader issue. The Black community in Ferguson knows damn well these riots had nothing to do with the death of Brown.  Brown’s death was a convenient excuse.  By perpetuating the lie, by sending Holder in to assess the story along with the silent message that Bro Got Your Back, the myth of Black suppression is also perpetuated, and the Blacks that buy into it don’t even know they’re being exploited, used as pawns in a game of social division.

Ferguson will be one that’s spun ad nauseum to White America as another example of their refusal to accept equality, and therefore justice, for the Black Man.  The average Black Man will fall for this and continue to perpetuate the Great American Lie; that 150 years of history has not changed anything.  These are the “useful idiots” Obama is trolling for; the same ones that commit  strongarm robberies and then are martyred for the “cause” when they’re shot, welcome victims for the progressive agenda.

James Foley is a victim as well, but one the Administration cannot cop to.  Obama’s lack of focus, lack of experience and lack of resolve resulted in the death of Foley, along with countless others in Syria.  Tragic as it is, though, Foley’s untimely and preventable death will never serve a large agenda and will be filed along with the Benghazi Massacre as greater mysteries this Administration’s spin doctors couldn’t get the fix in on. But, Ferguson?  Ferguson is winnable.  Ferguson is useable.  Ferguson is a “teachable moment” that will have far reaching consequences for cops and law enforcement everywhere.  The “justice” for Mike Brown is about to have far less to do with justice and far more to do with advancing a social policy that encourages victims of the State in more than one way.




The recent article published in the Atlantic on “The Confidence Gap”  is just another example of the Left’s silent war on women under the guise of Feminism, and exactly the kinda thing that, frankly, makes me want to kick their ass.


The authors, Claire Shipman (left), a reporter for ABC News, and Katty Kay (right), the anchor of BBC World News America. In two decades of covering American politics, they have interviewed some of the most influential women in the nation. They were surprised to discover the extent to which these women suffered from self-doubt. (Henry Leutwyler)


According to this article, the number one reason women continue to fail in breaking through the glass ceiling is their own lack of self-confidence. The authors’ own personal descriptions do nothing to exude confidence; Katty is described as entertaining the notion that her “public profile in America was thanks to her English accent,” which surely, she suspected gave her a few extra IQ points every time she opened her mouth.”  Can you you say superficial?

But, it gets worse.  The entire article goes on to say how women in general predict they will do worse on tests, get passed over for hard-fought promotions, and do not see validity to their own worthiness.  They even go so far as to say that maternal instincts are a problem and that, ultimately, we don’t have confidence because we are women. It becomes a matter of biology and brain waves at that point; we’re just not built the same.  It’s clear these two have their own confidence issues and it’s just easier to blame it on biology.  Women are just not risk takers, they say, and are constantly second-guessing their own personal validity.

Of course they do!  They’ve  got women like Shipman and Kay subtly inferring they’re not good enough!  Turn on Oprah’s network  and at any given time some self-improvement guru is on, telling women the latest way to lead happy fulfilled lives as if the lives they are living are somehow deficient and there’s something wrong with their methods up to this point.  The  Liberal media inundates us with the idea that we as women are somehow “broken” and  need to be “fixed”.  Hollyweird produces movies with strong female leads that include some emotional flaw requiring a man to sort it out. Women are either corporate ball busters or home with the kids.  NOWHERE do you ever see a strong, confident women also portrayed  as wise and compassionate, as if those qualities are completely exclusive of one another. Women with careers and families run antithesis to the Feminist Manifesto, a movement that has done more to destroy women than empower them because its very premise asserts that we’re not good enough to begin with!    As for the men?  This article cite studies that “prove” men think they’re “all that” by nature, and these two seem quite bitter about it: “Infuriatingly, a lack of competence doesn’t necessarily have negative consequences”.   Let’s just level the playing field some more.  It’s not fair. Waaa.

Bitch, please.

Women are born risk takers.  Ever given birth?  That’s a fairly risky proposition you don’t know you’re capable of until you’re in it.   But, Shipman and Kay don’t bother to mention that,  doing a lot of whining about why women are underconfident and offer no substance for empowerment.  Typical Liberal tripe: let’s blame it on men, or biology or the difference in our synaptic brain impulses.They don’t bother to mention that confidence, and from it the desire to take bigger risks, first  comes with taking responsibility for yourself…..




“I need 3 waffles, 2 eggs over, and all the cash in the register to go please…..That’s what a respectable young black man robbing a Waffle House at gun point would’ve said.  Instead, Dante Williams pulled his piece, demanded the cash and had a bystander with a conceal carry permit put four holes in him.  Williams’ family is now crying about Dante being the victim.  On what planet is the perp of an armed robbery considered the victim?  And if you believe Williams became the victim in this scenario when he died, you’re out of your rabbit-ass mind.  There is NO WAY to rationalize this incident and see it as anything but the consequences of Williams’ ill-timed and badly considered actions.

Williams family believes he is the victim, though.  He was a “respectable boy who “didn’t have to die.”  They got that point right; he didn’t have to die.  That option left the table when he pulled the gun out. After that, it was only going to end in a couple of ways, neither of which were good for Williams. Since 2012, Williams family has made laughable claims surrounding his death in an attempt to challenge that state’s Stand Your Ground  law and prosecute his shooter, Justin Harrison.  Harrison was later found to be innocent but Williams cousin, Tamika McSwain, went so far as to claim that  Harrison had no need to feel threatened by the gun-brandishing Williams.  And Williams’ family is not alone in their delusion.

In 2013, two men robbed a corner store at gunpoint but were then both shot and killed by a private citizen.  The sister of one of the men described her brother as being “a good kid”. (

That same year, 18-year-old Adric White was shot and killed while robbing a Dollar Store.  White had his gun to the head of a store employee and was warned to drop it by a Good Samaritan that was also packing.  When White swung around to drop him, the Good Samaritan dropped White.  A family member was later quoted as saying “If no one had a gun up to him [White]….what gives him  the right to think it’s okay to just shoot?”. (

In these cases and others just like them, every attempt is made to place blame anywhere except the one place it really belongs: with the criminal.  Regardless, of whether these were “good boys”, the minute they decided to pick up a weapon and use it in the commission of a felony they went from being good kids to irretrievably stupid with every possibility of ending up dead.  The blame does not lie with the System that failed them, the families that ignored them, the drugs that ensnared them.  Ultimately, the blame rests squarely on their own shoulders; their ACTIONS are what brought about their demise.

The broader story, though, is how this denial and rationalization within their families happens.  In the Waffle House robbery,along with the others, it becomes clear that the ubiquitous undercurrent of liberalism that seeks to undermine the cohesion of the American family by denying acceptance of the concept of personal responsibility is evident. Volumes can, and, indeed, have been written concerning the broken judicial process, the rising rate of recidivism for violent crime and boundaries of legal defense.  But, in truth, the core of the problem lies in a society that no longer adheres to the logic structure of right and wrong, actions and consequences.  There seems to be less and less of any sort of moral compass to guide our actions by and even less of a presence of authority willing to stand by that guidance.  The rise of Liberalism and it permeation of all facets of our society is most assuredly culpable.  Liberalism promotes victimhood, self-pity, discrimination, injustice and exploitation.  The main objective is to save the Individual from himself and foster dependency on any number of bloated bureaucratic agencies, because that Individual is just too stupid to take care of himself. Being disenfranchised and somehow oppressed is a prerequisite.  Minorites are targeted but anyone can be converted.  And it is within this framework that the  lines between criminal and victim must become blurred and rationalized.  The idea that a man or a woman is completely sovereign is somehow foreign to the Liberal mindset and something to be “fixed”.

No segment of the population has been “helped” by these Liberal policies as much as African-Americans.  Hard-working, God-fearing, family oriented people have become something contradictory to their historical narrative.  Falling under the spell that progressive Liberalism offers, the Black population has swapped one form of slavery for another and compromised its traditional conservative ideology.  Beginning with Black churches that preach secular politics and collectivism rather than offer the moral and social guidance they once did, the churches chase the promise of material salvation and reparations in this life.  Once upon a time, the Black churches professed the notion that a long-suffering life would provide spiritual redemption, and  the pastors had to be co-opted by the Liberal agenda in order to effect any real change.   Once the church was overlaid with the liberal agenda, it was much easier to infiltrate the rest of life by using the pastors to tell the parishners how and what to think.(

The current education system does very little to promote self-reliance.  The institution of Common Core strips away any need for critical thinking and along with it, rational thought.  A question may receive multiple answers and as long as the path to conclusion can be shown and rationalized the answer is not considered “wrong”.   This system of ignorance that is progressively built upon erasers concepts of personal autonomy  and familial involvement in favor of subjugation to the government as the ultimate authority.


Within a social context, reliance on the State is encouraged by a myriad of programs that promote “social justice” and attempt to remedy what the Liberal System believes to be “income inequality”: state funded abortions for unwanted pregnancies, food stamps, housing subsidies, and a plethora of one-off opportunities for free “stuff” (utility payments, childcare, clothing).  Our culture is rife with those that the Left salivates over; movies and music glorifying the roles of the babymomma, thugs and high school dropouts.  Turn on MTV at any time and there are a myriad of choices, programs that, at the very least, push the agenda to rely on the government for even the most basic of needs.

Within this environment of freebies, government-run programs, and an ideology that recognizes the laziest, weakest links in society and quite literally preys upon them for conversion and acceptance into the collective, it becomes much easier to see how the culture of denial and rationalizing crime within the black community arose.  The co-opting of the Black Experience by the left has twisted it into something completely unrecognizable from its humble beginnings in the fight for civil rights.

With the rise and infiltration of the Liberal agenda in every facet of society, the demand for basic civil rights and, indeed, recognition of human dignity has been perverted into a force-fed form of social justice, wherein blacks are continually portrayed as victims by the Left within the larger context of a system that speaks to what they see as their continual struggle for equality on every level.  The system that demands their inclusion in the broader framework does more damage by handcuffing them to any myriad of programs that keep them excluded by their reliance on and faith in the Government instead.  The natural by-product of this scenario is the loss of autonomy and with it, the silent repudiation of personal responsibility.

Families like Williams’ or Whites’ are not in denial so much as inculcated.  They are kept in lockstep with an agenda that serves to destroy the personal accountability we are all responsible for as humans.  By getting taken in by the promise of a more comfortable lifestyle that the Liberal agenda offers through various government programs and giveaways, living the lie is much easier than recognizing the hard truth that they have been used by the same system that promised their escape.