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Just exactly how far gone is the Obama White House and the President himself?  How wide is the disconnect between Real Life and Obama’s MTV version of what’s going on Out There?  We have one of the most ruthless terrorist collectives ever seen operating with impunity right now in the mid East, claiming to have sleeper cells ready to strike in this country, and yet, the lead story for two freakin’ weeks has been the death of Michael Brown and the riots in Ferguson, MO.  Four minutes after expressing “sorrow” over the beheading execution of seasoned journalist James Foley, the Commander in Chief was fist-bumping it with his buds on the links, while Eric Holder was on his way back from kissing ass in Ferguson,  Is there something wrong with this picture?  ISIS has performed their opening act across most of the mideast virtually unhindered and with no real threat of containment by the US (bombings aside) but a cop that shoots a criminal in self-defense warrants intense scrutiny by a Justice Department whose judgement is questionable at best.  You have to ask yourself what the hell is going on.

Let’s examine this for a moment.

For two weeks Ferguson, MO, had been the site of violent protests and demonstrations in the wake of the shooting death of Mike Brown, a young Black man from that community whose life choices obviously caught up to him.  Nevermind the absence of fact or evidence, Obama ,deciding the police must have once again  acted stupidly  a la Harvard, sent Eric Holder to the scene to sort out what was going on and make sure a Federal autopsy (the third that was performed) went smoothly.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, ISIS is cutting a path across the Syria, slaughtering with impunity in the most barbaric of manner and Obama took a vacation (after all, he works so very hard).  His advisors have quite literally been begging him to take a stance on ISIS and do something-anything- to deal with the threat the group poses to the rest of the Mideast, Europe and the US.  President Pollyana, however, is more interested in his golf score.


Ferguson fits the Agenda.

From day one, this President claimed to be part of a Post Racial presidency that would operate with transparency, honesty and across racial lines to bring America back to greatness.  From day one, this president has done anything but.  His administration has seized every available opportunity to create and foment racial tension and division, and have done so irrespective of any truth or accountibility.  From the incident involving the Harvard police to the over-the-top treatment of the Treyvon Martin case, Obama has done his level best to to not only incite racial division but exploit the Black community and continue to reinforce the traditional narrative of victimization.  He has promoted mistrust of law enforcement and painted young Black men as targets with the help of race-baiters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, who only speak to the oppression and violence within the Black communities, rather than taking their broad sphere of influence to a higher level and teaching these “victims” how NOT to be one, through education and personal responsibility.  The riots in Ferguson have served the President well, highlighting the racial division of the country (which only maintains it) while at the same time offering no solutions for it.  The facts of the Brown case, as in the other examples, are irrelevant.  The case itself serves to show exactly how oppressed the Black Man is.  How Obama can stand in the rose garden as President of the greatest nation in the world and even suggest Black oppression is beyond me.

James Foley is another matter entirely.  Obama has no interest in foreign policy, nor does he have the constitution required for the strong execution of one.  The tragic murder of Foley meant exactly zero to him, other than to give lip service to the need for ISIS containment.  How can he speak to containment of a group made of not only Al Queda but Muslim Brotherhood as well when there are members of the Brotherhood in his OWN administration?  There has been a strong case made for Obama being an Islamic sympathiser and the murder of Foley cannot be written into a narrative where Islam is a “religion of peace”.  There is no way to spin the rise of ISIS and the atrocities committed  in a way that adheres to the Administration’s credo of never letting a crisis go to waste.  And since it is Obama’s own ineffectual foreign policy and reckless decisions such as freeing the Taliban Six that gave rise to ISIS in the first place, pushing this issue into the fore with the same intensity as the Ferguson riots would only focus on the fact that Foley’s death,is essentially Obama’s fault.

Far better to focus the nation’s attention on an issue that Obama, as a community organizer, can appreciate and exploit to the fullest, which he has done as expected, with Alinsky-style perfection.  It’s interesting to note that while most of the protestors’ vitriol has been toward the rise of an overly militarized police force, the mouth pieces Jackson and Sharpton are still perpetuating the situation as being racial in nature.  But, this is what Obama does, this is what he was trained to do as a community organizer; exploit the event and spin the situation in a way that will serve a broader issue. The Black community in Ferguson knows damn well these riots had nothing to do with the death of Brown.  Brown’s death was a convenient excuse.  By perpetuating the lie, by sending Holder in to assess the story along with the silent message that Bro Got Your Back, the myth of Black suppression is also perpetuated, and the Blacks that buy into it don’t even know they’re being exploited, used as pawns in a game of social division.

Ferguson will be one that’s spun ad nauseum to White America as another example of their refusal to accept equality, and therefore justice, for the Black Man.  The average Black Man will fall for this and continue to perpetuate the Great American Lie; that 150 years of history has not changed anything.  These are the “useful idiots” Obama is trolling for; the same ones that commit  strongarm robberies and then are martyred for the “cause” when they’re shot, welcome victims for the progressive agenda.

James Foley is a victim as well, but one the Administration cannot cop to.  Obama’s lack of focus, lack of experience and lack of resolve resulted in the death of Foley, along with countless others in Syria.  Tragic as it is, though, Foley’s untimely and preventable death will never serve a large agenda and will be filed along with the Benghazi Massacre as greater mysteries this Administration’s spin doctors couldn’t get the fix in on. But, Ferguson?  Ferguson is winnable.  Ferguson is useable.  Ferguson is a “teachable moment” that will have far reaching consequences for cops and law enforcement everywhere.  The “justice” for Mike Brown is about to have far less to do with justice and far more to do with advancing a social policy that encourages victims of the State in more than one way.