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For those of you that follow my blog, you already know I don’t pull any punches.  For those of you that are new to my blog, I’m telling you up front I am not prejudice: I try to be equally offensive to EVERYONE.  And today is no exception.

The stories come out of Moore, OK regarding the beheading of 54- year old Colleen Hufford are enough to make you puke.  The perp, Alton Nolan, had been fired from his job at a food processing plant and went back for whatever reason, killing Hufford and injuring another woman.  The ONLY reason this animal was stopped was because Mark Vaughan, a reserve sheriff’s deputy and the company’s COO shot him. Nolan, a convert to Islam, had been trying to convert his co-workers as well.

And authorities are classifying it as “workplace violence”.


Let’s be honest about this: this is NOT “workplace violence”- this is a blatant act of Muslim extremist TERRORISM.  Now, Nolan may have acted alone but that doesn’t change the fact that he murdered an innocent woman ISIS-style and by calling this horrendous, unthinkable EXECUTION (because, let’s face it, that’s what it was) “workplace violence”, the authorities have now condoned terrorism in its most brutal form and prevented any future freak like Nolan from being tried for the actual crime they commit: terrorism.

I am so sick of listening to Obama run his mouth about how Islam is a “religion of peace” while journalists, and now innocent factory workers, are beheaded in its name, and other freaks like Nolan celebrate like the Red Sox just won the Series.  If they think the US is so evil and Americans all deserve to die what the hell are they doing here in the first place??  If this country is so unclean why do they populate our universities??  If our women are all such whores, why do they pursue and marry them??  And if we’re all Capitalist Infidels, why are they employed here??  Let’s call a spade a spade, close our borders and start using a little racial profiling.  It’s time to STOP worrying about who we might “offend” and START protecting the American people!

But, it’s not just the Oklahoma killing.  How about the Muslin that are now part of the Ferguson protests and the traitorous congressman that supports them?  Antonio French wants to support them? Great.  He can get the hell out, too.  I’m sure they’d love to have him in Iraq or Syria and I’d love to see him go.

It’s time to stop coddling these people just because we might “offend” someone.  There is NO segment of American society that is special enough to warrant preferential treatment.  And if you think you’re part of one, get over yourself.  It’s the people that think they’re above everyone else that got us into this mess- and that includes our Commander in Chief.





Maybe I have a different take on the whole thing in Iraq being a Blue Star mom, and maybe I’m just a simple woman from a fly over state, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what’s going on there.  I listened to the presser while Barry ran his mouth about the “options” we had and how he swore there would be NO boots on the ground- at the exact same time he was ordering boots on the ground.  I’m sorry- I mean “military advisors.”  Three hundred of them??  Uh-huh.  But we’re just there “advising”.  I have to ask: exactly how stupid does Obama really think we are?  Does he honestly believe that if fired upon, these “advisors” won’t fire back?  And doesn’t that constitute and act of agression AKA war??  But, we’re not going back.  No, siree, bub.  I have to agree with Ulsterman on this:  And on Fox Sunday this morning, there was ol’ Juan “I’m-Gonna-Keep-Wavin’-The-Obama-Flag-No-Matter-What” Williams with the audacity to say that it was Bush that wanted to leave Iraq.  Yep, that’s right, Juan- I’ll give ya that.  But, it was YOUR good buddy, Barry, that pulled out the contingency force,  directly against the sound advice of his advisors.  Yeah, ‘cuz, you know, Obama is such a friggin’ Alexander the Great, and has such a strong bead on exactly what’s going on.  They’re BOTH idiots and should just never speak.  Here’s a thought:  get somebody to channel Reagan and glass Iraq back to the stone age.  That’d sure as hell stop the ISIS threat.  And I gotta say, the release of Bowe Bergdahl is tantamount to treason- it seems to be the gift that keeps on giving.  Nice going, Barry.  Were you born stupid or did your momma just drop you on your head too many times?

And, as if  this wasn’t enough to piss off everyone in America, the flood of illegals across the border has resulted in Texas calling militias to the border :   Thank God somebody has some sense out there.  Where’s Barry O on this one?  The golf course.  Well, at  least he’s got his priorities straight.  Is it no wonder Americans are leaving this country in record numbers?  I’ll go by way of Texas- I’m convinced it’s the last bastion of American freedom.

Living in the People’s Republic of Illinois, which is the beta test state for every screwed up plan Obama’s cronies concieve (‘cuz he ain’t smart enough to do it, let’s face it…), I see first hand all kinds of crap, from the rationing of healthcare (oh, yes, Virginia, it DOES exist) to the pensions in perpetuity to the midwest version of the Dream Act, and all I can say is if it walks like a fascist and talks like a fascist….I need to be one of those “embedded reporters” for the  Washington Times.  I can tell them what it’s really like, living in the anal repository of the country.  It’s alot like Detroit-except there’s people.

So, if any of you brave souls out there want to see Obamanation Live, come for a visit.  Bring a coffeecake, I’ll put on a pot of bourbon, and we’ll have a LOST marathon-being on that island beats the hell outa being here……and better make it soon, before They haul me off to a FEMA camp for “reeducation”…….