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Well, somebody’s been riding the train to Crazy Town!  Would someone please explain to me what planet the President of the United States is not only living on but is from?  ‘Cuz, there is NO WAY any human with an earth-based brain could possibly be this flagrantly stupid.  His staff lives in an alternate universe where the Benghazi massacre makes no difference (to paraphrase Hilary) and the most barbaric threat to our own national security is the “jv team”.  And now, to add to his list of Greatest Hits, Obama wants to put 3000 boots on the ground in Africa to battle EBOLA???? WTF?

I can understand sending CDC personnel or first responders.  But what the hell are troops gonna do?  Except risk contracting and spreading the disease-a disease I might add that the CDC, NIH and Bill freakin’ Gates own the vaccine patents to. Three thousand troops??  That’s four times the number currently in Iraq where there is an actual need to do something- ANYTHING- about ISIS.  But no, we’re not sending them there- we’re sending them where the odds of setting off a deadly global pandemic exponentially increase with every brigade that shows up.  Are these troops all going to be outfitted with HazMat suits?  Those are even questionable, since so many aid workers who wear them are still getting sick.  With an incubation period of up to three weeks, how many of those army personell will come home not knowing they’re infected? Something’s not right with this scenario.  Why do we suddenly have a burning desire to be on the front line in a third world country risking our service men and women over a damn virus??  Oh, well, we’ll be there for logistical support.  Uh-huh.  Here’s an idea: quarantine all the countries that are infected, ground air travel, institute martial law, don’t let anyone in or out, and let the disease run it’s course.  Yeah, it sucks to be those people, but let’s face it: it’s ALWAYS sucked to be those people.

Is this the behavior of a Commander in Chief that is in full possession of all his mental faculties?  I have a son in the military.  I am very much aware of the inherent risks in his position and I have long since come to terms with that.  However, hell and be damned if I would sit quietly by if it was MY son heading to the Ebola zone!  What the hell for??  This has sooooo much LESS to do with a “humanitarian mission” and sooooo much MORE to do with lining the pockets of those that orchestrate the kinds of war scenarios that put our troops in harms’ way on a GOOD day.

Let’s look at this:

According to the Wall Street Journal, foreign investments in Africa will total $80 Billion in 2014 with the US, UK and France leading the way.  However, the BRiCs nations are investing as well, with those countries’ investments totalling $67.7 billion in 2012.  Of those investments, China held nearly a third.  Emerging markets are THE thing these days for investors and with the vast natural resources to be found on the African continent, money is pouring in.  Of the African countries, Nigeria and South Africa are seeing the largest proportion of investors’ funds and, not coincidentally, the Islamist extremist group Boko Haram has been wreaking havoc in Nigeria in recent months.  The US even sent troops in to recover 200 schoolgirls the group had kidnapped.  Why do you suppose that was?  I seriously doubt it was due to the whiney and obnoxious celebrity pleadings out of Hollyweird.  No, I think it had MORE to do with posturing favor and LESS to do with American benevolence.  Our people are very caring- our government is NOT.

Does anyone out there remember Viet Nam?  We were there to prevent the spread of Communism.  Uh-huh.  The oil and opium was just a fortuitous coincidence.  The fact that Nigeria has gas and coal reserves has nothing to do with any humanitarian efforts we might attempt there.

How stupid do They think we are?

Explain this to me: if we can send 3000 troops to a country where the population is eating bananas and dirt just to fight a virus, why can’t we commit 1000 Marines and about a week to take out ISIS?  Because, kiddies, there is no direct benefit for Them.

Africa, however, is another story.  There’s money involved-BIG money- and, as always, if you want the Truth, follow the money.  Just for starters, let’s consider General Electric and its CEO, Jeffrey Immelt.  Already GE has invested $350 million for power projects in Africa.  And we all remember Immelt, right?  The hugely unsuccessful “job czar” in the Obama administration?  Fewer companies are  more outright global than GE.  But, Immelt’s relationship and past history with good ol’ P-Bo couldn’t possibly have anything to do with this urgent need to use American troops to contain an African contagion.  Could it?  How about Arne Sorenson, Obama’s International Trade Advisor?  He also heads up Marriot Hotels, a company that has invested $200 million in the African continent.

With all the money flowing, this is only the tip of the iceberg.  You can bet these guys ALL want their investments protected.  And what better way to do it than by using our military (‘use’ being the operative word in that sentence).  This isn’t about humanitarian aid.  This isn’t about containing a deadly contagion.  This is about greed, pure and simple.  Let’s just hope 3000 service men and women don’t end up paying the tab.