In Deference to Mr. Rogers….

Posted: August 10, 2014 in Uncategorized

Well, well, well…It seems that once again our feckless Commander in Chief is about the prove that the pen IS, indeed, mightier than the sword.  He intends to “ratify” sweeping immigration reform (and by that I mean complete amnesty) without the approval, consent or even close physical proximty of Congress.  And, once  again, John Boehner and the GOP are proving exactly how inept THEY are by threatening to sue the President.  Sue the President?  Yeah, that’ll show him!  Take him to court in a suit that will drag on for years while the country is being overrun by God-knows-what kind of illegals and our Border Patrol agents are told to stand down.  Nice move, Boehner.  This does, most assuredly, send a message.

First off, the message from the Obama camp is that our President (and I use that term loosely) is allowed to operate with impunity, doing whatever he damn well pleases, like a frat boy on Spring Break in Aruba with Daddy’s American Express and a carry-on full of Trojans.  Is it me, or does his attempt to wield the Magic Pen that would make Harry Potter jealous in an end run around Congress, sound more like a de facto dictatorship than the head of a Republic?

The second message being sent is that no one- and I mean quite literally NO ONE- in Congress has enough vertebrae left to point out that not only is Obama’s use of said Magic pen unconstitutional, it’s also illegal.  Congress has made- and proven- themselves to be completely irrelevant in the true workings of what used to be our Republic.  Campaign promises are like the best Stevie Ray Vaughn lyrics played for the deaf….they mean exactly dick. Once residence is taken up in DC and the appropriate level of bootlicking begins, all bets are off.

But, perhaps the most heinous message being sent is that our Republic is, indeed, becoming more Banana-ish by the minute.  While Obama and his lovely and charming wife (and by that I mean overbearing and arrogant) impersonate the House of Bourbon to the very best of their ability, the rest of the country faces economic uncertainty, social unrest, mistreatment of veterans, employment instability and pandemic issues arising from the flood of “undocumenteds” coming across the border.  Making five million of them suddenly one of us couldn’t possibly put a strain on any of those previous issues.

Is anyone even paying attention anymore?  Or has everyone just become so accustomed to the swill spewing forth from DC that, as long as it doesn’t interfere with their own 3 feet of personal space, it’s a complete non-starter?  Well, buckle up, friends, because sweeping amnesty will invade everyone’s 3 feet of personal space.  Those who have been asleep haven awakened too late in the game to run the last play and those of us that have been watching are opting for a change of venue…….

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