The Marxist from Mumbai….

Posted: June 29, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Would Donald Trump take financial advice from a crackhead? Would Ivana let one pick out her wardrobe? Of course not, but that’s what happened in Seattle. A city besieged with unemployment and homelessness has taken the advice of a Marxist from Mumbai and comitted economic hari kari by raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. The author of this suicide pact is Kshama Sawant, an immigrant from a city in India where 70% of the population lives in extreme poverty and maintains an oppressive social structure. There’s a “war on poverty” in HER hometown. You don’t see that in Seattle. Now, after leaving her own country because it was such an anal repository, she has landed on OUR shores and taken it upon herself to inform us how screwed up our system is and how she can fix it- a system that’s worked pretty damn well for the last 240 years without her brand of benevolence. In 1900, while her great grandfathers were still eating dirt and dying of cholera, ours were building skyscrapers and the strongest nation in the world. One look at her bio and it becomes clear Ms. Sawant certainly didn’t work her way up from the poverty in Mumbai. The former software engineer is the daughter of a teacher and civil engineer. This left wing elitist could afford to wax poetic over the theoretical superiority of communism, and has supported various causes, from income inequality to gay marriage. Sawant thinks Marx and Engel “got it right”, and was quoted by PBS as saying that “capitalism generates more poor people every year and more billionaires every year”, lured in by the lo’ each-according- to- his -needs -redistribution of wealth platform. Did she actually READ the Marx she seems to love to quote? Marx was NOT a fan of minorities like her. Or should this be a shocker since Marx supported slavery and that is essentially what this 15$ an hour plan ensures? In response to the idea that the $15 an hour wage might hurt the economy she replied “If making sure that workers get out of poverty would severely impact the economy, then maybe we don’t need this economy”.( Sawant donated over $60000 of her salary as councilwoman to this same cause. My, how magnanimous! That entitles her to dictate to us how to fix all our problems? Her statement on the economy however, speaks VOLUMES as to what her true mission is, and the mission of Seattle liberals who think this raise was a good idea. How many employers are really going to pay $30000 a year to their lowest-end workers and NOT pass this offset on? This will only add to an already skyrocketing unemployment rate for minorities and will drive the price of goods and services up exponentially. This is just another Liberal move to overwhelm an over-burdened system Cloward and Piven- style.

The minimum wage fast food workers and other service industry positions this will “benefit” are erroneously assuming this will promote a living wage. The minimum wage was never designed to do that. It was intended to serve as a more transitional wage, for teenagers and college student primarily, before entering an established work force. But, under this Administration that has done so much to actually kill jobs, a job at Target is to be sought, as if its a Forbes 500 employer. Under this administration a minimum wage job is to be cherished, and not just by teenagers and college students anymore. Blacks are desperately trying to support families on them, and, in the end, because of this wage increase, will eventually be forced to turn to the System for help, just as planned. This isn’t a victory for the low-income wage earners, this is a coup against blacks and other minorities; a direct assault on the very hope of upward mobility. It is a move designed and implemented by an ideology that has no room for minorities within it, and carried out by individuals sporting their own versions of the Communist Manifesto in their backgrounds. This isn’t “income equality”, it’s state-sponsored slavery. Mixing Marxism and money is never a good idea, especially when you toss minorities and exploit them as the silent beneficiaries of some kind of economic upset in a strategy whose real design is to shackle them even closer to the oppressive arm of the State.

If Sawant thinks this is such a great idea, here’s a suggestion: she needs to go back to Mumbai, where the wage gap is on a level far beyond anything on the West Coast and implement her plan to “get workers out of poverty” there. And if she spent so much time observing conditions in her country and found them so horrendous why didn’t she donate her $60000 to her hometown that doesn’t even have clean water for all its residents? ( ) It’s far easier to throw money at a Leftist cause here and become a champion by screwing the people under the guise of “victory” than to clean up her own backyard. This has nothing to do with the people and everything to do the People’s Republic. There’s more to this Seattle story than just what’s percolating on the surface.



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