New Charity: “Nancy’s Kids”…..

Posted: June 29, 2014 in Uncategorized
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In response to thousands of illegals streaming across our Southern borders, including hundreds upon hundreds of undocumented children, the venerable Nancy Pelosi responded that “we’re all Americans” and that she wished “she could just take them all home”.  After giving it some thought, I think that’s a damn good idea.  In fact, since Nancy is so concerned with this “humanitarian crisis”, I think she should take some of the $803 million+ she made last year and set up a charity for all the little rugrats she wants to take home.  She could build a housing project right in her own backyard- it doesn’t have to be very big- most of these kids aren’t that tall.  She could provide them with free cell phones to call the main house when they want her to tuck them in and give them free wifi so they can stream Netflix on all the brand new laptops she’s bought them (because internet access is a MUST for everyone, and, therefore, a RIGHT).  She can sign them ALL up for unemployment even thought they’ve never worked here a day in their lives (that doesn’t matter to the Libs) and then get them on foodstamps to go along with their free healthcare because that’ll REALLy give them “more bang for their buck”. And with the free healthcare, they’ll be able to pursue their dreams as artists, or Cartel heads.  AND, when they’re old enough they can all go to college FOR FREE and get business administration degrees so they’ll know how to make the best investments from their drug running operations.

Am I being racist?


Do I want our border closed to everyone, including the little moppets currently flooding our system?


Do I think that ANYONE crossing into this country illegally should be immediately deported (or shot on sight)?


In fact, we could start the whole deportation process with Nancy herself.  IF any other self-respecting country would take her……


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