Drop Your Socks and Grab Your Glocks….

Posted: June 29, 2014 in Uncategorized
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There is a video up on YouTube posted by Pete Santilli’s group at Guerilla News Media that is an absolute must see.  This video pretty much sums up how I think the vast majority of Americans are feeling.  The sergeant that read the riot act to Iraqi cops in this vid deserves a damn medal, and if I wasn’t married he’d have to file a restraining order against me for stalking!  THIS is what our military should be doing.  Instead, we’re forced to fast for freakin’ Ramadan!  S’cuse me?  Our commanders have the unmitigated gall to make our service men and women- men and women who, I might add, have already seen MASSIVE budget cuts that have resulted in less than optimal conditions on the battlefield- FAST for Ramadan.  In fact, all of their usual routine will be disrupted for the Islamic holy month.

The juxtaposition of the sergeant in the video against this superficial observance of an alien religion is the perfect example of political correctness gone way to far.  Just my opinion, but we’re there to PROTECT them, to TRAIN them, to serve in an AUTHORITATIVE capacity so they won’t get bombed into oblivion by their own freakin’ people.  They should be kissing American  ass seven ways from Sunday and erecting altars in the name of John Wayne!!  I don’t see anyone ELSE over there to protect them.  From the very beginning of the reports of the ISIS insurgency it was clear that the Iraqis left there have absolutely NO backbone- jeezus! You’d think they were a bunch of gun-fearing Libs!!  Too pussy to even defend their OWN homeland!!  And then you have the sergeant from the video who refuses to take any bullshit from ANY of them.  Pin a medal on that boy’s chest and make him a General!

We have been in that god-forsaken country for 13 years, and we’re there AGAIN, trying to defeat an ideological enemy AGAIN, that will only resurface AGAIN under another name once we’re gone.  Obama replaced any military advisors that had any sense and now he has idiots that not only want to curb a war that’s been fought off and on for a thousand years, but want OUR soldiers to get with the program so they don’t “offend” anyone. Are you kidding me right now?  I would expect nothing less from an Administration that has PROVEN itself to be worthless and weak, and apologetic for us being the greatest nation in the world.  But, I would hope beyond hope that ALL our servicemen and women are of the same cloth as the unnamed sergeant in the video.

Thanks to Pete Santilli and the Guerilla Media Network for this video.  Might trade Naveen Andrews for that sergeant on my island……


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