Treason is the New Black

Posted: June 3, 2014 in Uncategorized
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If you all thought I was quick to piss off before, welcome to Ginger Hell.  The Usurper in Chief that is currently occupying the White House needs to be strung up on the front lawn and executed for TREASON.  That’s right, I said it.  The T-word no one else has the guts to, certainly no one in CONGRESS.  The return of Bowe Bergdahl was a slap in the face to not only this country but every military family out there.  Obama makes me sick- physically sick.  Fourteen men lost their lives looking for the worthless piece of shit Bergdahl and his home town wants to give him a parade?  Are you fucking kidding me?? For WHAT???  Both he and that maggot that lives in the White House need to be waterboarded and then executed….slowly and painfully.  And on the heels of the VA scandal- don’t EVEN get me started on THAT.  There should have been a shitload more heads roll for that one.  No, we abuse and leave our vets here to die, but the deserter Bergdahl gets a goddamn parade!!  What the hell is WRONG with this country?? More importantly, what is wrong with Congress?? The release of Bergdahl was completely illegal and all the White House can say is that Congress had previously been warned about it.  WARNED about it?  Now the son of a bitch is WARNING Congress?? Well, why not?? No one in it has any sort of spine-they all make six figures a year for being invertebrates.  NO ONE has the guts to move on Obama- NO ONE.  Where is there a county sheriff with the guts to arrest the bastard??  Anyone?? Anyone??.  I know the vet community is up in arms about this and frankly, if it had been one of MY sons that died trying to get Bergdahl back, somebody would be getting a late night visit from me and a baseball bat.

I hope…I hope BEYOND hope that NOW some Sheriff comes forward or Congress begins to understand that eventually they have to go home and step up and do the right thing: arrest Obama and then execute him and his band of merry men.  And if the NSA picks this up, BRING IT………


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