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This is Nick.

He is a 20-year-old student at the St. Louis College of Pharmacy in St. Louis, Missouri.  Nick is originally from Waukesha, Wisconsin, but has come to call the Midwest his home. nick drumming

The third year pharmacy student is a member of the Alpha Zeta Omega pharmaceutical fraternity where he is a recruitment chair, and also plays drums for his band, the Rxtions, heavily influenced by Blink 182. Nick and Meredith   Nick has a beautiful girlfriend named Meredith and is set to graduate in 2017.

I don’t know Nick.

I will never know Nick.

Nick was murdered last night at his home in St. Louis in a drive-by shooting. (

In 2013, St. Louis was not only voted the Most Dangerous City for the third year in a row (  with 120 murders, at least 31 of them  have gone unsolved.  As of January 27th of this year there had already been 12 homicides in the city.  That’s one every other day.

I have lived in St. Louis, in a great Delmar neighborhood.  I let my kids walk to Walgreens and play outside late at night when none of them were over 13.  We left the city in favor of a small jerkwater town in Illinois where the kids could continue to walk to Walgreens and play outside late at night.  Had we stayed, those days would have been over long before they were due.

The officials and staunch city supporters will tell you the numbers are skewed; that those killed were in the city, typically the North Side, an area that has slipped increasingly into the pits of Hell over the last 10 years.  They will tell you that being labelled the Most Dangerous City really isn’t fair because St. Louis County is included in that and the demographics don’t tell the full story.

Do you think that matters to Nick’s parents this morning?

Or how about the parents of Megan Boken, a St. Louis University student shot last year in her car while she was talking on the phone to her mother in broad daylight.

The two little teenage maggots that killed Megan “just wanted to rob her.”


What the hell is going in St. Louis??

Is this a police problem?  Are there not enough cops on the payroll to adequately protect and serve?  No, I don’t think so.

This is a social problem, and one we have created ourselves.  We have spent so much time and money making sure the “inner city youth” have their programs and their liasons and their social work excuses for aberrant behavior that we have politically corrected ourselves into a society where the criminals have become the victims and the families of the victims never really see any true justice.  According to the State of Missouri, a conviction of second-degree murder carries an average sentence of 200 months, of which less than 75% of that is actual time served  (

Are you kidding me right now?

A murder rap can mean less than 10 years in jail?  And the same document quoted above states that the rate of recidivism over 5 years is 54%.

Over half of all those convicted re-offend within 5 years of their release.

Here’s a thought:  stiffer penalties, no plea-bargains, no slick lawyer games, and no bullshit about how the accused is a “victim of Society”.  How about a little personal responsibility and the recognition of that within the damn judicial system??  How about we get rid of the touchy-feeley court approved, federally funded programs that teach us all how to play nice and everyone gets a trophy because we’re all winners.

I got news for you:  the bastards that gunned Nick down were maggots.  The bastards that shot Megan were maggots.  They were NOT winners, they were NOT born with winner potential, and they should be afforded the same courtesies as a rabid dog.  If there was truly any “justice” within the Justice System we would see substantially less violent crime.  Kids like Megan and Nick were about to contribute to the world at large; they had goals and would one day be productive members of their communities.  The worthless meatsacks that took their lives will never produce anything except misery and pain.  No, there IS no forgiveness.  A line must be drawn somewhere or we end up where we are.

And it’s not just St. Louis.  It’s every major city where the thugs and gangbangers have taken over once-thriving neighborhoods, leaving the residents still living there in fear.  It’s every court room where a bleeding heart defense attorney lays it on thicker and deeper as he goes about broken homes, or abused childhoods, or destitute upbringings- what I like to call the “poverty defense”, as if being poor is an excuse to get away with a capital crime.  It’s every social worker that actually believes repeat malcontents deserve “one more chance”.

Nick won’t get another chance.

And I look into the eyes of that photograph of a young student so full of life, so crazy about his girlfriend, and I think that could be my son.  And unlike the Treyvons of this world, there will be no excuses, no rallies for “justice”, no calls from the President.  Why?  Because also unlike the Treyvons of this world, kids like Nick and my son understand the meaning of actions leading to consequences.  Kids like Nick and my son understand there are rules that are meant to be played by and they don’t have attorneys to play them off.  Kids like Nick and my son will make a difference in the world by being something more than a socially responsible t-shirt slogan.

Nick’s parents will not receieve a call from the President tonight offering his condolences and sympathisizing with them in their grief.  But they should.  His parents won’t get invited to the White House to speak on issues of gun violence as if the senseless killing of their son suddenly would qualify them as experts on the subject.  No, Nick’s parents will deal with their grief and their anger and their shock in the way most families do, by relying on friends and family and each other.  They will suffer in quiet anonymity, along with every other parent who has lost a child under similar circumstances, and will do whatever they can to keep their son’s memory alive, to keep their own grief from overwhelming the rest of their lives, and to one day try to move past this tragedy.

I cannot begin to understand what they must feel right now, or will feel in six months.  I can only say again it could have been my son.  That’s why I feel it’s so important that Nick’s story should be told and told over and over again, so no one forgets-so no one forgets what got us here and how we need to make the hard choices to get out-so no one forgets it could have been their son.

I never knew Nick.

But my son did.

And now, maybe, you do too…….


…apparently, pussies bail. With the situation in the Ukraine going from bad to worse with every passing hour, and the US potentially being on the hook for material support due to the Budapest Accord (.us/177483-budapest-memorandum-treaty-signed-in-1994-may-commit-u-s-britain-to-defend-ukraine/)  (what the hell was Clinton thinking?), our National Security team met to discuss the gory details.  However, Obama was not in attendance:

Daniel Halper The Weekly Standard


A White House official emailed some reporters to say that President Obama’s team met today to discuss the ongoing situation on Ukraine. It appears President Obama did not attend. “The President’s national security team met today to receive an update on the situation in Ukraine and discuss potential policy options. We will provide further updates later this afternoon,” reads the full statement. According to Time magazine’s Zeke Miller, Obama skipped the meeting. “Obama did not attend the meeting, but WH official says he has been briefed by Susan Rice and his national security team,” says Miller. Read more at The Weekly Standard.”

(thank you Weekly Standard)

Not in attendance.


So…where was he?

Maybe he was playing golf.

Or jogging around the White House with Uncle Joe.joe and pbo

Or maybe napping because of all that golf and jogging. napping

Regardless, he didn’t seem to have time to be bothered with the Ukraine. Much like he didn’t seem to have time to be bothered with Benghazi.  But, never fear: just like Benghazi, he’s got the lovely, talented and gosh darn honest Susan Rice, his National Security Advisor, the same Susan Rice who provided such outstanding intel the night Christopher Stephens and 3 others, including two Navy SEALs were violently murdered in Libya.  I’m sure she briefed him on the meeting with the utmost clarity and integrity.  I have no worries regarding the Ukraine knowing that we have top-notch leadership at the helm.

Don’t you sleep better at night?

Obviously, the fact that the Sixth Fleet being on the way to the Black Sea must be of no consequence ( since Obama chose to skip the meeting.  I mean, after all, they were sorta already there since they were providing security for the Sochi Olympics.

Sorta already there…..

Does anyone else find that to be a remarkable coincidence or is it just me?

Here’s my prediction for the Ukraine, a prediction that was actually offered by a source within the Intel community:  the Ukraine will be split, much like Germany after WWII, into East and West, with the pro-Russian Nationalists in the East under Putin’s skirt, and the West begging the EU for continual help because it’s population is starving.

Let’s not forget that the Ukraine itself is broke, it’s only two presidents having run its treasury into the ground.  Is the rest of the world ready to take on the responsibility for taking care of Western Ukraine?  Is the US prepared to follow its standard MO and dump billions of dollars into yet another country when we’re slashing our domestic spending to the point where our active military are relying on food stamps?  (

Does anyone else see a problem with this?

There seems to be a HUGE disconnect between the fantasy of the US being the bastion of salvation for the world and the reality of the US not being willing to take care of the very people that protect its right to maintain that fantasy.

The Ukraine needs to be responsible for the Ukraine.  And if anyone feels we should help those “poor people” who are just trying to “establish democracy” or whatever the hell the story is our State Department spins, let’s remember that the US started all this in the first place ( and NOT for the benefit of the people- ours OR theirs.  The Ukraine is just one more move in the game of geopolitical chess our world “leaders” are playing, and whatever their next move is, it certainly won’t be in our favor…..