They Always Die in Threes……

Posted: February 24, 2014 in Uncategorized
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And we have sad news out of Hollywood today.  It seems that not only has Piers Morgan been canned by CNN, but, apparently, Alec Baldwin has decided to leave public life and just “go back to being an actor” (huh?).  In an interesting manifesto-rant published today in New York Magazine ( link to the whole story), Baldwin asserts that his fall from grace occurred after he slung homophobic slurs–which, of course, he claims he didn’t say–leading to his dismissal from MSNBC (yeah, I don’t watch it either…).  At any rate, I think it’s safe to say that with the demise of Morgan and Baldwin, a pall has been cast over the entertainment industry.  Who could be next?  Rosie?  The cast of The View? God forbid Whoopie is suddenly no longer relevant.  Can you hear the heartbreak in my voice???

That would actually be the regurgitation of my breakfast.

Here’s my thing:  Alec, grow a pair and get the hell over it.  Wanna make yourself relevant again?  Hang out with Justin Beiber and get busted for weed possession.  THEN someone will give a shit about your career.  And if the rest of us are REAL lucky, your ass will get deported to Canada, too.

This is the problem I have with the Hollywood types (ever notice how ‘type’ rhymes with ‘hype’?  Just sayin’….).  They believe themselves to be the epicenter of the Great Quake of Humanity, as if they’ve brought us the Ten Commandments, the Resurrection, and the Life and Times of Buddha, all wrapped up in a Tinseltown bow.  I think they forget they are part of the Entertainment Industry.  They are not Shakespeare.  They are not Steven Hawking.  They are not Harry Truman.  And for every one of them cut from the same cloth of Mediocrity as Alec Baldwin, there are four more salivating to move up.

Don’t get me wrong.  There have been some truly gifted actors:  Betty Davis, Cary Grant, Al Pacino, Lassie….and there have been some that really sucked.  But, the truly talented ones have never misunderstood their place in the scheme of things, never believed themselves to be something larger and more effectual than what they really were and, as such, never crossed that line from the Entertainment Industry into Something Else, pushing agendas, running for office, stepping beyond established boundaries.  I mean, I really never gave two shiny shites what Matt Damon’s take on the Iraq/Afghanistan situation was (obviously, I missed those 4 stars on his collar…).  The Cult of Celebrity must be a hugely powerful thing and I can see how personalities like Alec Baldwin can and do fall victim to it, but let’s keep a little perspective here; you’re not out curing cancer or redefining the cosmos.  You’re an actor, a celebrity.  Period.  Beyond that industry your opinions matter about as much as mine do.   Stick with what you know and own it when you do.

I know this blog is particularly short, but then, so are most of their careers and it’s amazing how so much can be said in so few words…….



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