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Looks like it’s on in the Ukraine.  The Russian Vice Admiral has declared war.


As of this writing, it’s 6:30pm in the Heartland, and just about 3 hours our Feckless Leader, Barack Obama, came out on national news (they even broke into Judge Judy’s show for this) threatening that “there would be costs” if Putin made his move.

And Putin did.

So, what now?

Let’s look at this situation about as objectively as we can.  Let’s pretend for a minute that this whole Ukrainian uprising thing wasn’t fomented, backed and funded by US.  Yes, us. (  And let’s pretend that we have no interest in throwing in our favorite Central Banking puppet as a new Prime Minister or President just to prop up the dollar (  Let’s even pretend that we have no interest in their energy reserves (  All that aside, what could we possibly gain from backing the Ukraine in the face of Putin?



Regardless of what the agenda-complicit media spins the Ukrainian chaos into, let’s not forget that the United States has NO BUSINESS providing any sort of military intervention.  What’s happening in the Ukraine is an internal matter involving the people of the Ukraine and,now, Russia.  While I think the rioting is horrendous and the families of those protesters killed should have our sympathies, WE have no need to go any further.  We do not need to send billions in aid when we have just decimated our own military (  We do not need to get involved in THEIR politics.  And we most certainly do not need to support them in this war with our troops.

So, that begs the question: what are the “costs” that Obama is talking about?

If this is taken before the NATO Security Council, it will be bounced, because Ukraine is not a NATO country.  If it’s taken to the UN, Russia sits on the Security Council there, so how do you think THAT will go?  And if Obama decides to do the DUMBEST thing possible and actually intervene with military aid,  that could quite possibly be the tipping point for a revolution here at home.

Again, I ask:  what are the “costs” Obama is talking about?  What cards could he possibly have to play?  We all know that our only interest in the Ukraine is what it can provide for us.  If this same thing was happening in Great Britain and the Scots suddenly decided to revolt (hey, it’s comin’)  no one would give a shit because they have nothing we want.

This situation will become much, much worse before it gets better, and I hope that we can stay far enough removed from it as to not have those “costs” reflected here at home.  As they say, the situation is “fluid” and it will be worth watching to see how it plays out.

As ever, eyes open.  It’s gonna get weird…..


And we have sad news out of Hollywood today.  It seems that not only has Piers Morgan been canned by CNN, but, apparently, Alec Baldwin has decided to leave public life and just “go back to being an actor” (huh?).  In an interesting manifesto-rant published today in New York Magazine ( link to the whole story), Baldwin asserts that his fall from grace occurred after he slung homophobic slurs–which, of course, he claims he didn’t say–leading to his dismissal from MSNBC (yeah, I don’t watch it either…).  At any rate, I think it’s safe to say that with the demise of Morgan and Baldwin, a pall has been cast over the entertainment industry.  Who could be next?  Rosie?  The cast of The View? God forbid Whoopie is suddenly no longer relevant.  Can you hear the heartbreak in my voice???

That would actually be the regurgitation of my breakfast.

Here’s my thing:  Alec, grow a pair and get the hell over it.  Wanna make yourself relevant again?  Hang out with Justin Beiber and get busted for weed possession.  THEN someone will give a shit about your career.  And if the rest of us are REAL lucky, your ass will get deported to Canada, too.

This is the problem I have with the Hollywood types (ever notice how ‘type’ rhymes with ‘hype’?  Just sayin’….).  They believe themselves to be the epicenter of the Great Quake of Humanity, as if they’ve brought us the Ten Commandments, the Resurrection, and the Life and Times of Buddha, all wrapped up in a Tinseltown bow.  I think they forget they are part of the Entertainment Industry.  They are not Shakespeare.  They are not Steven Hawking.  They are not Harry Truman.  And for every one of them cut from the same cloth of Mediocrity as Alec Baldwin, there are four more salivating to move up.

Don’t get me wrong.  There have been some truly gifted actors:  Betty Davis, Cary Grant, Al Pacino, Lassie….and there have been some that really sucked.  But, the truly talented ones have never misunderstood their place in the scheme of things, never believed themselves to be something larger and more effectual than what they really were and, as such, never crossed that line from the Entertainment Industry into Something Else, pushing agendas, running for office, stepping beyond established boundaries.  I mean, I really never gave two shiny shites what Matt Damon’s take on the Iraq/Afghanistan situation was (obviously, I missed those 4 stars on his collar…).  The Cult of Celebrity must be a hugely powerful thing and I can see how personalities like Alec Baldwin can and do fall victim to it, but let’s keep a little perspective here; you’re not out curing cancer or redefining the cosmos.  You’re an actor, a celebrity.  Period.  Beyond that industry your opinions matter about as much as mine do.   Stick with what you know and own it when you do.

I know this blog is particularly short, but then, so are most of their careers and it’s amazing how so much can be said in so few words…….


I’ve been on this socio-political crusade of mine for so long I almost forgot why I started this blog.  I am a self-admitted conspiracy theorist, not in the tin-foil-hat-wearing sorta way, but more in the what-the-hell-are-They-hiding-my-best-friend-called-me-Mulder sorta way.  One of my Prime Directives has always been to uncover the truth behind the Lights In the Sky everyone, including myself, has seen over the decades.  Real Truth.  Not this-guy-who-knew-someone-who-lived-nextdoor-to-a-guy-who-worked-at-the-Burger-King-where-guys-from-Area-51-used-to-eat truth.  Definitive Proof.  Undeniable Evidence.  Men-in-Black-took-my-harddrive PROOF.  I believe that, along with the Kennedy Assassination and the Birth Certificate Issue, our Government has gone to extraordinary lengths to throw a blanket over information that would change the course of human history as we know it because They don’t believe that We as a society are intelligent enough to deal with the ramifications disclosure would bring.  If you go on  the video taped accounts of about 75% of the eyewitnesses, I would have to agree; a lot of them come across as being cast as extras for Billy Bob’s Next Great Invention.

But, what about the ones that aren’t immediately recognized as nutjobs and psychopaths?

Dr. Steven Greer is damn hard to ignore (this one’s for you, Kyle).

At the age of 8, Greer claims to have seen a UFO at close range, an event that spurred his interest in Ufology for the rest of his life.  We’re not talking about Bubba and his cousin seeing something weird in the woods one night.  Greer is a legitimate medical doctor and a member of Alpha Omega Alpha, an honor society for those in the bio-sciences, that doesn’t grant memberships like Columbia Records House.  This is a highly selective academically based fraternity (guessin’ there weren’t too many beer bongs at their frat house…) that doesn’t screw around on admissions.  He later went on to found CSETI-Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence and in 1997, along with former astronaut (yeah, a FREAKIN’ ASTRONAUT) Edgar Mitchell, testified before Congress on the existence of ET’s, giving a full briefing to CIA Director James Woolsey that same year.  The following year,in 1998, Greer gave  up his emergency room practice and devoted his time to the Disclosure Project, a research project devoted to disclosing the truth about our knowledge, interaction and continual involvement with Extraterrestrial Lifeforms and the Government coverup that keeps it all quiet (

This guy ain’t stupid.  I like to think of myself as a fairly intelligent individual but keeping up on a GOOD day with Greer would be a stretch.

So, if he’s not crazy or psychotic what is he?

Well, that’s the question, now isn’t it?

In 2013, Greer, along with Emmy-winning filmmaker Amardeep Kaleka, produced the Disclosure documentary Sirius, released on April 22nd of that same year. I don’t like hawking product-a side affect from my last paying gig-but I HIGHLY suggest going to and renting it online for 5.00$.  That’s less than the cost of a decent quality 12-pack, and, really, what else did you have planned for Wednesday night?  The film explains our contact and connection to ET’s, as well as their gift of free energy technology.

And now you know why everyone has attempted to discredit Greer and his followers-hell, ANYONE that has enough humility to believe We Are Not Alone: those last three words: Free Energy Technology.

The coverup that exists here is the same reason Edison is a freakin’ hero for the lightbulb, instead of the manipulative thief he really was.  Same reason we even WENT to Viet Nam, Iraq, Kuwait, any of the Stans.

What’s my Number One Rule, kiddies?

You want to know the Truth, you follow the money.

You dig through enough Quarterly Reports and Yearly Assessments and you can find the answer to pretty much anything.

Consider the ramifications if this planet had access to and utilized energy production techniques and procedures that made it not only clean to use, but free for EVERYONE; the US,  Third World countries eating bananas and dirt…EVERYONE.  Think of the number of industries- entire industries- that would be literally wiped out overnight.  Think of the panic that would ensue because the oil and natural gas industry disappeared while you were sleeping and the Market not only tanked but zeroed out.  Every broker on Wall Street would be street pizza and every investor would be found chewing on the business end of a .38.  Texas.  Holy shit!  What would happen to Texas???.  Yeah, overnite would not be a pretty thing.


Think of the industries free energy technologies would OPEN UP.  Think of the emerging countries that barely have electricity now being Internet capable and savvy in just a few months.  Think of the freedom we would have in this country if what we budgeted for the electric bill and the gas bill and fueling our vehicles was suddenly freed up, along with a whole mess of new employment opportunities to go with it.  Think of what kind of planet we would have if there was a realistic way to end our pollution and natural resource depletion issues.  Fukashima would never happen again.

And, there’s your answer.  There is too much money to come forward with the facts, too much at stake, too many in positions of power that have already said we’re nuts to come forward with “Uh…you know that Disclosure thing?…..”

Sixty-six years when that first interstellar frat boy and his buds got a little too loaded on their vacay and logged the very first FUI in New Mexico, the United States Government almost immediately went to work locking down the whole idea of extraterrestrial contact, smearing those who dared disagree because They saw the possibilities.  Our Government is nothing if not opportunistic; “never let a crisis go to waste”, right?  And we saw an explosion in technology like we’d never seen before.  Integrated circuit chips, fiber optics, lasers, night vision capabilities, kevlar- not to mention all the “classified” products:  stealth technology, particle beam weaponry, and psychotronics (machines controlled by thought-yes, they exist-look it up).  Where the hell you suppose all THAT came from?  Bunch of guys at MIT on a REAL  good day?  Or could it have been reverse engineered over 6 decades?  And then, there’s possibility that it was reverse engineered and we were also aided for some time by what else they found at the crash scene–biological entities.

Even if you don’t subscribe to the whole They-kept-spacemen-captive-and-picked-their-brains theory, there’s a whole lot of evidence to support the case for reverse engineering.

In his book, The Day After Roswell (available at a bookstore near you…) Col. Phillip J. Corso, was a Post Duty Officer at Fort Riley, Kansas in 1947, the night a shipment of Roswell artifacts arrived from Fort Bliss,and swears there were bodies on board, having examined one of the bodies himself.  The shipment was headed for Wright Patterson in Ohio, and eventually Corso ended up spearheading the Army’s super-secret reverse-engineering projects at places like IBM, Hughes Aircraft, and Bell Labs–all without the companies’ knowledge.  He goes on to say that the long-rumored Majestic-12 group established by President Truman to continue the work on these extraterrestrial based projects did, in fact, exist.

Corso is not alone in his confessions.  Major Jesse Marcel was first on the scene at Roswell and asserted it was never a “weather balloon”.  Sgt. Robert Porter helped load the debris and was on the B-29 flight from Roswell to Fort Worth, where Marcel displayed some recovered material to Gen. Roger Ramey before proceeding on to Wright Field, Ohio. These men are just few of the dozen or so to have either witnessed the crash site in Roswell or the debris that was gathered from it.

Can they all be crazy?  Out to capitalize on a little notoriety?  Doubtful.  Most were discredited or branded in some way, not even sharing their stories with the wider public until the Nineties and Stan Friedman’s investigations (

Even today, the information is still being deliberately withheld from the public, although there is hope to assume that Disclosure will happen in our lifetime.  The UN actually has an Ambassador for Outer Space Affairs (  Even the Vatican has jumped on the ET bandwagon (, saying that extraterrestrial life wouldn’t necessarily be in need of Christ’s redemption.  Hmmm…..

The bottom line here is there something going on, something They don’t really want us to know, but They’re having trouble keeping the lid on,  something that will HAVE to come out eventually.  We cannot continually be so arrogant as a species to assume that we are the only sentient, organic life in the Universe capable of thought and reason.  Jesus, how screwed up would THAT be??  It’s just US??  I certainly hope not.

Until the lid comes off and we find out for sure, I, for one, am patiently waiting for the Mother Ship to beam me up, because we all know there’s no intelligent life here…..