Russian to Conclusions……

Posted: January 26, 2014 in Uncategorized

First, before anything else, I would like to send out prayers to the families of the victims killed in the shooting in Maryland yesterday.  I cannot imagine your grief.

In the aftermath of the Columbia Mall shooting , with all the alphabet soup agencies descending on the site like 13-year-olds on Justin Beiber, I found this as Fox News was doing its standard crowd shots for its “outro”:

Russians at Columbia Mall Shooting

Russians at Columbia Mall Shooting

For those of you unfamiliar with the Cyrillic alphabet, this is Russian for DHS.




Anybody want to explain this to me?  I understand that there was some sort of agreement whereby the Russians were to provide security for the public at major sporting events, etc, where large crowd would be gathered.  I even almost sort of understand joint training exercises with our military (although I think giving them that kind of proximity access to our weapons systems is a HUGE mistake).

But, does anyone want to explain to me what the hell they’re doing at a CRIME SCENE????  I assure you I did not alter this photo in any way and I was mortified when I saw this.  I would also like to mention that on subsequent “outros” Fox News never panned across this individual again.

DHS?  Division of Homeland Security?  Worn by a RUSSIAN??

If anyone can adequately explain this to me, please do so as I have run through every reasonable scenario and then some.

And there’s something that smells about this shooting.  I’ve been trying to find info all morning and so far all I’ve gleaned from various websites is that the shooter was a 19-yr-old male named Darion Marcus Aguilar, he fired between 6 and 8 shots, and then killed himself.  That’s it.  And to make it all worse, this is the fifth shooting in a week.  There’s something not quite right going on here.

As I said, if anyone can explain to me why we have Russians at a crime scene I would love to hear it.  Otherwise, we could be in big trouble……

  1. anal says:

    Informative article, just what I wanted to find.

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