Just a comment here….

Posted: January 8, 2014 in Uncategorized

For all of you that follow my blog (and imagine how stunned I was when I discovered I HAD followers!) and for all of you that have commented, thank you so much.  That’s why I started this blog- well, okay, I actually started it so I could vent my frustrations and follow conspiracy theories.  But, I also somehow wanted it to be a place for rational discourse and discussion-even over my Naveen Andrews ramblings and whining about not being produced!

Remember, this works both ways.  If you have an idea for a story or topic you’d like me to pursue, let me know.  If you have a better theory, idea or rationale, let me know that, too.  Even you Liberals :).  Remember:  I read Voltaire……

Thanks again for reading!————Avie



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