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Russian to Conclusions……

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First, before anything else, I would like to send out prayers to the families of the victims killed in the shooting in Maryland yesterday.  I cannot imagine your grief.

In the aftermath of the Columbia Mall shooting , with all the alphabet soup agencies descending on the site like 13-year-olds on Justin Beiber, I found this as Fox News was doing its standard crowd shots for its “outro”:

Russians at Columbia Mall Shooting

Russians at Columbia Mall Shooting

For those of you unfamiliar with the Cyrillic alphabet, this is Russian for DHS.




Anybody want to explain this to me?  I understand that there was some sort of agreement whereby the Russians were to provide security for the public at major sporting events, etc, where large crowd would be gathered.  I even almost sort of understand joint training exercises with our military (although I think giving them that kind of proximity access to our weapons systems is a HUGE mistake).

But, does anyone want to explain to me what the hell they’re doing at a CRIME SCENE????  I assure you I did not alter this photo in any way and I was mortified when I saw this.  I would also like to mention that on subsequent “outros” Fox News never panned across this individual again.

DHS?  Division of Homeland Security?  Worn by a RUSSIAN??

If anyone can adequately explain this to me, please do so as I have run through every reasonable scenario and then some.

And there’s something that smells about this shooting.  I’ve been trying to find info all morning and so far all I’ve gleaned from various websites is that the shooter was a 19-yr-old male named Darion Marcus Aguilar, he fired between 6 and 8 shots, and then killed himself.  That’s it.  And to make it all worse, this is the fifth shooting in a week.  There’s something not quite right going on here.

As I said, if anyone can explain to me why we have Russians at a crime scene I would love to hear it.  Otherwise, we could be in big trouble……


There is an old Chinese curse that says “May you live in interesting times.”  Yep, that about sums it up- the times are most definitely “interesting”.  I perused the headlines on various internet alternative media sites this morning, as I do every morning (how do you think I keep you all so well entertained?) and I found this video that was extremely “interesting”.Proof Obama is a Member of the Muslim Brotherhood

Why, you ask?  Well, that’s where it gets “interesting” and makes Obama look even worse in light of the Western Center for Journalism’s claims. If you want to get to the heart of the matter you always follow the money.  If a group is declared a “terrorist organization” a few things happen:

  • It is unlawful for a person in the United States or subject to the jurisdiction of the United States to knowingly provide “material support or resources” to a designated FTO. (The term “material support or resources” is defined in 18 U.S.C. § 2339A(b) as “currency or monetary instruments or financial securities, financial services, lodging, training, expert advice or assistance,safehousesfalse documentation or identification, communications equipment, facilities, weapons, lethal substances, explosives, personnel, transportation, and other physical assets, except medicine or religious materials.”)
  • Representatives and members of a designated FTO, if they are aliens, are inadmissible to and, in certain circumstances, removable from the United States (see 8 U.S.C. §§ 1182 (a)(3)(B)(i)(IV)-(V), 1227 (a)(1)(A)).
  • Any U.S. financial institution that becomes aware that it has possession of or control over funds in which a designated FTO or its agent has an interest must retain possession of or control over the funds and report the funds to the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

As well as:

The U.S. Department of State lists the following items as additional considered beneficial effects of designation:

  • Supports efforts to curb terrorism financing and to encourage other nations to do the same.
  • Stigmatizes and isolates designated terrorist organizations internationally.
  • Deters donations or contributions to and economic transactions with named organizations.
  • Heightens public awareness and knowledge of terrorist organizations.
  • Signals to other governments U.S. concern about named organizations.


Not only does its funding dry up but it goes on the Naughty List and other countries are urged to do the same. Now, what do you think that would do for the goal of establishing a world-wide Caliphate?  If we stopped throwing billions at them I’m thinking it might be a bit of a hinderance.  It would be impossible to establish Shariah law on every continent without some cash.  And, if you’re in the business of terror, you gotta have the Benjamins for necessities like explosives and the suicide bombers’ Broncos.  (you never see a suicide bomber driving a volkswagon- why is that?)

So, we have a half-dozen or so acknowledged members of the Brotherhood sitting in various cabinet positions, including Assistant Secretary for Policy Development.  (Hmm.  Policy Development.  I wonder what THAT means.) Anybody seen the old Invasion of the Body Snatchers where all the high school teachers are replaced by brain-sucking pod people in order to infiltrate and take over the town?

Need I say more?

I am not Islamophobic- to be so would go directly against not only my spiritual path but my Libertarian beliefs as well.  Saying everyone who practices Islam is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood would be like saying everyone in Northern Ireland was a member of the IRA.  However, it would be extremely fool-hardy not to examine this issue further, given the treatment the Brotherhood receives at the hands of this President.  Airport walk-throughs?  Really?  My oldest son in the military gets what he calls “preferential treatment” but he still gets searched.  (Maybe they think he’s in training to be one of those “disgruntled veterans” on the DHS watch list.)So, while American citizens are being droned to death overseas without due process, and our military has to be subjected to the TSA’s disgusting scrutiny, the Brotherhood is welcomed with open arms into the country AND into the White House.  First of all, what the hell are they doing THERE??  I’m sure ol’ Barry’s passing the blunt around and they’re all just chillin’ in the Oval Office.

We know for a FACT that Obama gave 1.5$ billion to the Brotherhood during the Egyptian Spring.  It may be as high as 8$ billion, siphoned off in secret from our own Treasury ( I’ve included the link to the story, however, I cannot vet this information.  I only include it to illustrate that other countries are as displeased with Obama as we are). Obama’s secret Bribe to the Brotherhood  And with the most sincere affection, I have to say to writer Doug Mataconis:  Are you that stupid? (Obama Didn’t Give 1.5$ Billion to the Brotherhood).  Do you actually believe it was in military assistance only?  I’m reasonably sure Mr. Mataconis believes Benghazi was because of a video,too.  (Why not?  Hilary did.)

The bottom line here, folks, if you’re reading this blog you already know something is rotten in Denmark and our window of opportunity is getting smaller.  How many videos like the ones linked here have to surface before we say enough is enough?  I’ve had it.  I just don’t care anymore; let the NSA record my phone calls, log my emails and put me on a “List”.  I wasn’t born in a Fascist country and I don’t intend to die in one.  I feel like I am constantly politically evangelizing, but if that’s what it takes, that’s what it takes.  For you Believers out there, share my blog with someone who doesn’t believe.  Pass it on to someone who doesn’t think we’ll ever be Cypressed, who sees the Constitution as “antiquated”, oh, and PLEASE give it to someone who thinks gun control will save lives.  In the meantime, consider the May 16th march on DC (there’s really great museums there!), kiss a soldier and thank him, and keep your powder dry-it’s gonna get a whole lot weirder out there….




My head is still reeling after the report the other day in which President Obama said that he didn’t need Congress- he had a “pen and a phone”.(

S’cuse me? Because THAT’S not FASCIST!

But, it gets better.  Two days ago he blamed his abysmal approval rating on the fact that he is Black.  (

Why are the pretty ones always so fucking dumb?

It seems to me that this Administration is in its death throes and desperate for a way out- a way to blame all the IMMENSE failures over the last six years on something other than Bush, because They know we’re all sick of hearing that one.  Because he’s Black, because his mommy didn’t love him, because he smoked too much weed in high school- this is why he threatens to bypass Congress and do whatever he feels like, like some kinda spoiled frat boy at home on the Cape with his parents gone for the weekend?

I got news for him:  People don’t like him because he’s the worst President in American history and has done more to DIVIDE and DESTROY this country and it’s founding principles than any other person on the planet!  People don’t like him because, frankly, he sucks.

And bypassing Congress to do whatever he pleases?  Well, that blame lies directly on the shoulders of Congress itself.  Who never read the Healthcare bill?  Who voted for the 2012 NDAA, that has since taken on an even more macabre life of it’s own?  Sure as hell wasn’t ME, and if you’re reading this blog I KNOW it wasn’t you.

I think we all got too cocky in 2010 when “our guys” swept the midterm elections.  I think we all thought we could sit back and relax after all the hard work we put in to get our candidates to Capitol Hill.  And I think it turned around and bit us in the ass. We were sold a bill of goods, sold out, sold up the river and sold bullshit wholesale.  But, hindsight is always 20/20, and we TRUSTED they would do the right thing.  Now, look what’s happened:  Marco Rubio has sold us out on Immigration, Paul Ryan sold out the vets in the latest spending bill (because, ya know, care at the local VA is top notch and that can be cut back), Lindsay Graham, well, he just got weird.  And we bought it.  We bought all the campaign promises and believed John Boehner was really going to whoop ass in the House.  Uh-huh.  What a weenie.

The arrogance and ignorance of Obama is Astounding. Colonel Harry Riley’s right; we have been backed into a corner and have no choice.  Impeachment proceedings are laughable at best, and Obama would never be convicted anyway, even if the Senate went along with it.  (  We have no other options EXCEPT to rise up in peaceful protest enmasse in DC and shut the city down.  No one is listening so we must make our voices heard and calling your congressman has obviously proven to be a joke.  (I’m DEFINTELY headed for a FEMA camp!).

My oldest son is in the military.  He went in because he believed in the principles this country was founded on and that serving this country, protecting me and his little brother and sister, was the highest form of service.  He joined because he wanted to make a difference and let the rest of the world know that this is still the land of the free.  He works in Military Intelligence and is already talking about re-upping for Counter Intelligence.  I admire his integrity  and his sense of honor because I wouldn’t be serving now, not under the Commander in Cheif we have that exhibits strong signs of mental instability.  But, for everyone else that can’t or won’t enlist, we HAVE to do something, and Col. Riley’s American Spring is it.  If They won’t listen to us, we’ll take it to their doorstep like cat poop they can’t step around.

Thomas Jefferson said that the Tree of Liberty must be refreshed time to time with the blood of Patriots.  I believe he was right.  This President has already claimed the lives of 1679 servicemen and women since he took office, and that’s not counting the rising number of veteran suicides every day.  ( (We need to get the hell out of every “stan” there is, but that’s the topic for another blog…)  And for what?  So he can look like a brilliant Commander on the world stage?  Not after Putin made him look like an idiot in negotiations with Syria.  (It’s not fair:  the Russians get Rambo and we get Erkel.)  Do you really think Susan Rice would have gotten her promotion if Vlad was running the country? (  No- those responsible for Benghazi would have been lucky to be exiled to a gulag in Siberia (do they still do that there?).

Our biggest problem really isn’t even the fact that Obama’s a dick.  Our biggest problem is US; we take no interest in anything as a collective unless it threaten to impinge on our own three feet of personal space.  Remember how we all felt after 9-11?  Remember the sense of unity and confederation we had?  That’s because it entered that three feet of personal space; we all knew someone that had a person they cared about in those towers.  We were ALL ready to break out the can of whoopass on whoever it was that did it.  I personally had friends Tower 1 that were killed and I called the Marine Corp recruiting station the next day (I was 35 at the time so they didn’t want me) and had my scout troop running a carwash by the end of the week to raise money for the survivors.  The point is we all DID SOMETHING even if it was just praying for the victims.

Now look at us.

We argue over who’s going to win the Super Bowl and care more about American Idol than we do our own neighbors.  We get all offended because Phil Robertson stated his personal beliefs in a public venue and yet, how many of us would have the same conviction of our beliefs?  We cared more at Christmas about getting that last Ferbie or whatever the hell it was than we did about thousands of our troops that would spend Christmas eating MRE’s.  We’re more concerned about whether we should buy silver now, while it’s still low than we are with the fact that our Republic, for all intents and purposes, is GONE.

And I know that if you’re reading this blog, you probably do care; I’m speaking in collective terms.  Hell, as a collective I don’t think we could even tie our damn shoes.  There was a time when being American stood for something, when living in the United States was an honor.  Now, we’re the butt of jokes in Der Speigel and out President is a laughing stock.

It looks grim but I don’t think it’s too late.  I think, if we adopt the same attitude we had on 9-12 and break out that can of whoopass I think we can save our Republic.  But, we have to stand up and we have to do it NOW.  I know it’s a scary proposition to be That Guy-the one that bucks the system and says the plan sucks.  But, we ALL have to be That Guy now- we ALL have to come together and put our collective boot on the throat of our oppressors.  Have faith- if you become That Guy you won’t be alone.  Protest has a domino effect; if you build it, they will come.

If you have the means to join Col. Riley in Washington on May 16th, I suggest you do so.  If you don’t, make May 16th a day of protest in your own community.  If we can join hands for Michael Jackson  and Ethiopia back in the 80’s then we sure as hell can get together for this.  And if we can’t, then there really is no hope.  My father was the most loving and compassionate man I have ever known.  He was also an ex-Marine.  If Dad were here right now I know exactly what he’d say: “Don’t let the bastards getcha down”.

He’s right.  Now, is the time for action- the window of opportunity won’t be open much longer.  When my grandchildren ask me where I was the day we took our nation back, I want to tell them I had a front row seat.  And if I end up in a FEMA camp, well, I’m hoping Naveen Andrews is a Conservative rebel, too…..

Just a comment here….

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For all of you that follow my blog (and imagine how stunned I was when I discovered I HAD followers!) and for all of you that have commented, thank you so much.  That’s why I started this blog- well, okay, I actually started it so I could vent my frustrations and follow conspiracy theories.  But, I also somehow wanted it to be a place for rational discourse and discussion-even over my Naveen Andrews ramblings and whining about not being produced!

Remember, this works both ways.  If you have an idea for a story or topic you’d like me to pursue, let me know.  If you have a better theory, idea or rationale, let me know that, too.  Even you Liberals :).  Remember:  I read Voltaire……

Thanks again for reading!————Avie


This has been the longest week of my life.  The Big Freeze hit the Midwest along with a blizzard last Saturday and we are just now digging out from under all that snow.  My shoulder hates cold weather and I spent most of our “inside time” watching pirated first-run movies (the critics were wrong about Oblivion- it was really good) and wishing I was on that island with Naveen.  Time drags when you only leave the Lazy Boy to make more popcorn.  We were fortunate we didn’t lose power- a lot of folks around here did.  Kind of amazing to me considering our little electric co-op flips out when there’s a squirrel on the line and we’re down for hours.  It’s still cold but at least you won’t freeze to death in 20 minutes now.  And this weekend?  50’s.  Go figure.  HAS to be global warming.

I’ve been hearing all this crap about the Polar Vortex the last few days and how that’s actually a bi-product of global warming.  Now, I consider myself a fairly astute individual, and if there is a solid base of scientific reasoning out there linking the two I am more than willing to study the facts.  But, it has to be FACTS.  And it HAS to be delivered by someone other than the same morons that are delivering Common Core to our kids.

Let’s talk about that for a moment.  My kids are either in college or have graduated by now.  My oldest is 23 and is in military intelligence and my younger two are both sophomores.  I got lucky- even in my little half-horse town they brought Common Core in, but it wasn’t until AFTER the younger two graduated.  I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to it at first for that very reason. Until I learned how They were attempting to re-write our very history.  But, what really got me was math.  Yep, even Euclid’s not safe anymore. Did you know that according to the Common Core Method two plus two may or may not equal four?  If it equals seven in your universe as long as you explain how you achieved that answer, it’s okay.

S’cuse me?

My middle son is pre-med; wants to be a combat surgeon.  By the same logic, as long as he EXPLAINS why he chose to remove someone’s spleen as opposed to performing the thorasic surgery they were prepped for, it’s okay.

In what world does this make any sense?

It was bad enough when the Classics were taken out of public school curriculums-when junior high Jack London was replaced by more “modern literature” whose topics included bulemia and teen suicide (that’s what mine got- I made them read Jack London instead).  And it sucks that the fine arts programs are always the first to take the hit.

But what the hell is THIS?  I don’t understand.  And what I REALLY don’t understand is why more people aren’t distressed about it.  If I still had a kid in the public school system I’d yank him out and home school him.  Oh, wait, I can’t- because that would put me on a terrorist watch list!

Is it just me or is anybody else feeling like they moved into a parallel dimension sometime after 2004?

I grew up in Catholic schools-grade school, high school, even a Catholic university (pretty ballsy for a pagan, huh?).  I wrote a high school term paper on Jim Morrison and my English teacher refused to accept it because the topic wasn’t “appropriate”.  Wonder what he’d say about high school english now.

My kids had no choice.  I’ve got a degree in English Lit so they pretty much HAD to read Chaucer and Keats and Kerouac.  I threw some Hunter Thompson in there so they wouldn’t suffer too much.  Their friends don’t even know who Hunter Thompson IS, much less Chaucer or Keats.  My kids know the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the history of the men who wrote both and why (history minor).  They know EXACTLY where their ancestors came from and why (Scotland, because they’d pissed off the Crown.  Again.).  And they know EXACTLY where they’re going. (They also know the difference between their, they’re and there….).  I can’t say the same for their friends.

But, if it’s not global warming and the polar vortex scaring the shit out of the masses, They’ll just find something else; sabre-rattling with North Korea, on the brink with Syria, new antibiotic-resistant flu strains, banking bailouts, bail-ins or just plain crashes.  One thing this Administration does quite well is get the word out about the next impending apocalyptic possibility- without saying much of anything at all.

I guess we could all hold our breath till 2015.

Not me.

Not this year.

This is the year everything changes.

This is the year I come out of my shell.

Think how much fun we could have if we all lived like we could never fail, never lose.  I’m sick to death of all the near-disasters and the Fatalists, of wondering if I should live in fear just in case they’re right.  I’m sick of the control and the insidious insinuations and life being sucked out of everything by the unemployment numbers, or low housing starts or how broke I am.

I’m done.

This is the year *I* start living dangerously……