Posted: November 22, 2013 in Uncategorized

Why is the last 42 minutes of the damn day the longest?  I’ve been at this desk for nearly eight hours, long enough to wanna beat my co-workers over the head with a keyboard, and yet, somehow, I’ve managed to show INCREDIBLE restraint, even after discovering my boss ate a big bowl of STUPID this morning.  Things are sketchy here at best, now.  Two of my really good friends were “let go”  and I know it’s just a matter of time before I’m in the unemployment line as I’ve had my hours cut YET AGAIN.  Lemme ask you this: who the hell runs an international company using ANY sort of IT 3 times a week?  They paid for it yesterday- one of my “new” days off.  My supervisor’s computer suddenly became possessed and they had to call in outside help.  Outside help at about 85.00 an hour- and lemme tell ya, I don’t make a fraction of that!  Which is of course why they keep me.  I’m a complete smartass and never produce a whole lot of tangible results, yet somehow, I make their shit happen and they don’t know how I do it.  It’s like being David fuckin’ Copperfield without the fireworks and glitter….which is kind of a shame cuz I like glitter.  I’m here as long as the checks clear, and my own personal feeling is that won’t be much longer so I started sending out resumes like a month ago.  Do you KNOW how many unemployed writers are out there??  I’m NEVER gonna get hired on anywhere!!  I keep hoping Horowitz and Kitsis are gonna stumble across my blog and go “WOW!  She’s seriously ate up!  She’s our girl!” and I get this strange late night phone call after they’ve had a few beers and I try to decide if it’s my middle son yankin’ me, or if it’s really them and how stupid I’m gonna feel if it’s not.

Ignore me.  I’m just bent because of the way my friends got “let go”.  It just proved to me that the knuckle-draggin’ owner does NOT care about anything but his bottom line- which is fine.  It’s just business, right?  Right.  But, don’t try to pass yourself off as some sort of altruistic champion of the Little People in the process.  You might just piss me off, and that’s NEVER a good idea….


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