Swallowing the LAXative

Posted: November 3, 2013 in Uncategorized
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My job doesn’t afford me a lot of “free time” on the clock, even though I try to sneak it in, so I have to admit it took me a bit to get caught up on the whole LAX shooter.  I’ve spent the last couple hours reading other “citizen journalists” takes on it and haven’t even begun to investigate the backstory yet.  Here’s what I’ve surmised since 7:30 this morning:

What utter bullshit.

Allegedly, this guy-Paul Ciancia- flips shit and goes on a rampage at the airport in Los Angeles.  As I said, I have yet to investigate the backstory, but we’ll go with that.  Lotta people are edgy these days and I’ve even considered flipping shit in WalMart, so that part of the story is, at least, plausible.

He is claimed to have been found with a note on him-some cryptic crap about killing TSA workers and the New World Order.

Okay.  This is where I have to sit up and go “Huh?”.  I don’t know about you,but when I’m feeling particularly homocidal my very first inclination is to head over to Lambert Field and take out some TSA agents, because-let’s face it- they are obviously the root of all evil.  But, let’s say for the sake of argument this guy had a legitimate bitch against them; maybe a pat-down that didn’t turn out to be as much fun as he hoped, or they found his stash going through security once, or maybe they tossed his granny out of her wheelchair and stripped searched her.  I can even go as far as to believe that.

But, THIS is what I don’t believe……

LAX shooter

This is a photo released by the New York TImes I believe (and my apologies to the Times if it wasn’t them-I’ll issue a correction) that is purported to be the shooter after they took him down.

Really. ‘cuz if it is, we have a much larger scale alien invasion on our hands than I thought, and they apparently have rasberry jam running in their veins!!

Have you ever seen blood like that?  I know I haven’t and I have witnessed everything from very nasty car accidents to slitting my own hand open (never carve up a fresh kill deer when you’re stoned…).  I’ve seen better effects on “Face Off”.  And that’s just the blood.  Let’s examine the “perp” himself.  First, he’s reported to be 23 years old.  (Well, THAT explains it; he couldn’t get enrolled in Obamacare since the site kept crashing and flipped out).To quote Wll Smith in Bad Boys II “Nigga, you at least 30″….But, this dude is obviously having a real bad day so we’ll let that point slide.  However, did he graduate from the Michael Phelps Institute for Limb Growth?  Have you ever seen ARMS that fucking long on a real human being??  Or how ’bout the torso?  He looks like William Wallace after they had him on the rack for 6 hours.  And if he was “shot in the shoulder” as reports claim, where’s the bullet wound?


This is the best they can do?  My 23 year old son and his buddy went to a Halloween party last weekend as RIck and Darrell from The Walking Dead and THEY had better blood effects they bought in a fucking bottle!  I don’t know which I find more offensive-Their blatant lack of talented artists on the payroll when there’s so many of us out here without a job, or the fact that They really want us to swallow this bullshit as absolute gospel.  My intelligence AND my aesthetic sensibilities are equally insulted.

I will be digging deeper into this latest False Flag as the day goes on, but I just wanted to point out that if this is the conclusion I came to in a couple of hours, what do you think everybody else is gonna think after investigating for a week?

My coffee’s cold-need a refill before I go any farther down this rabbit hole……


PS.  Just wanted to add this link from Beforeitsnews.com:





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