The Black Vault….

Posted: July 21, 2012 in Uncategorized
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It’s been exactly 36 hours since 24-year-old James Holmes kicked open the door of a crowded movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, and proceeded to open fire on the patrons there to watch the new Batman movie.  Over a dozen people were killed, and many, many more wounded.  My heart goes out to the survivors who will have to live with that scene etched in their memories for life, and I extended the most sincere condolences to the families that lost their loved ones in such a violent and tragic manner.May the deceased find peace in the next life….

I have a problem with this whole Colorado Shooter thing.  A very BIG problem.  Like most VERY BIG problems it is centered around the media.  We have the 24/7 news cycle reporting on everything from Holmes being a “shy and introverted kinda guy” (yeah-aren’t they always?) to how even NOW the law enforcement officials in Aurora cannot defuse Holmes’s booby-trapped apartment because the traps are “sophisticated” and unlike “anything they’ve ever seen before.”

And no one finds this unusual?

Holmes is allegedly a PhD candidate drop-out, with an advanced degree in neuroscience and had been drawing unemployment.  Yet, SOMEHOW he managed to amass an arsenal of weaponry and tactical gear that, conservatively, would be worth around $20,000.

And no one finds this unusual?

Holmes rigged his apartment with boobytraps so complex the local PD is having issues disarming them, and he had military grade explosives in his possession, in his car at the scene as well as in his apartment.  He was also sporting tactical body gear and tossing tear gas canisters in the theater.

And no one finds this unusual?

Why is the media NOT asking these questions?  How does an unemployed neuroscientist manage to bankroll an operation who’s supply costs alone are $20000 or more?  How does a 24-year-old kid with no military background get his hands on military grade weaponry and explosives?  How does a shy and quiet grad school dropout manage to rig his apartment well enough that bomb squad officers are having issues disarming it?  The media was sure as hell quick to announce he bought his AR-15 at a local store and it was purchased legally.  So, why not where he bought the tear gas?  Where did he get the body gear?  Who gave him the plans for the booby traps?  Why did he have all the toys in his car if his plan was just to shoot up the theater? How much experience did he have with the weaponry found in his possession?  Did he have a FOI Card?  Did he shoot alot?  If not, why did he have the card and when did he get it?  Why is the media NOT following the money on this one?

Because this is a distraction, a flase flag to deflect our attention from the REAL bullshit that’s going on like the head of the European Division of the IMF bailing on his job and leaving a letter making it very aware that not only is the IMF incompetent, but that they knew about the Euro Crisis coming and did NOTHING to avert it.  Or how about Joe Arpaio having enough damning evidence against Obama to bury him and effectively halt in its tracks any re-election campaign, but federal investigators won’t do their damn job.

Why? Same reason the medias won’t do theirs.  They are BOUGHT and PAID for.  The industry is in so many pockets and federal law enforcement is a joke when we have an Attorney General that’s guilt of treason.  Think Holder will do time? HA!  Holder won’t get a slap on the wrist.  He’ll get a “talking to “I”m sure, but not from Obama.  Noooooo. He doesn’t have the balls for it.  Valerie Jarrett will step and up and say “Eric, you naughty boy… the way thanks for distracting the Sheeple so I could get to work on this lastest EO .  He thinks all this shit is HIS idea, ya know….”

Do NOT allow this tragedy in Colorado to force your eyes off the REAL stories, like the 800 TRILLION Libor Scandal or the Gun Ban Treaty up for vote on the 27th.  Do NOT believe that this is just some “random event.”  There ARE no “random events” for these people.  Do NOT think that James Holmes “just snapped.”  Do NOT take your eyes off what is happening in the mid East and the fact that London is terrified the Israelis will hit Iran during the Olympics, not to mention the possibility of another False Flag event there.  Do NOT believe everything you hear or see.  You MUST do your own research, vet your own sources, follow your own trail.  The Truth is still the Truth no matter which road you take to get to it.  And, for the love of God, people (and YES, I used the “G” word and had the AUDACITY to even capitalize it!)  be aware of your surroundings at ALL times.  The path ahead is a little weird- hell, the path BEHIND is a little weird.  But, above all else……THINK.  Do NOT let the Colorado shooting disappear into that Black Vault with Vince Foster and Larry Silverstien’s insurance policy.  There’s more to this story, and we WILL find the Truth….

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