72 Hours Later….

Posted: July 8, 2012 in Uncategorized
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…the world is STILL spinning.  Did anyone really think it wouldn’t?  This little “rabbit hole” with The Drake gets deeper and deeper the more I investigate it.  The good news?  I now have help from my OWN version of White Hats- a small band of aggressive rebels dedicated to throwing off the mantel of oppression and exposing Global Voice for what it really is!  Okay, maybe that WAS a bit dramatic but it got your attention, didn’t it?

The “Green Light” was given well over 72 hours ago. What has happened?  Not a damn thing.  There was a nasty storm that hit the east coast a few days ago leaving hundreds of thousands of people without power.  Because of this, a lot of folks have left their homes and gone to hotels, relatives, etc.  Even Drake.  Yep, that’s right.  The Saviour with the Answers that’s been instructing all of his followers to stock up on supplies and “get prepared” was so well prepped himself that he BAILED.  Hmmm.  See anything wrong with this picture? (btw, I credit Monika the Troll for that observation-thanks M!)

There is a blind obedience within the Global Voice network that is truly frightening, and I’m not talking about the “enlightened souls” that are channeling info from the Pleides.  I’m talking about the regular folks that are so desperate for change and so disillusioned by their own lives that they hang on EVERY word The Drake says.  Let’s not forget not too many days ago Drake himself stopped just short of calling for a massive insurrection.  His credibility at this point is SO questionable even David Wilcock has distanced himself and he was the one that BROUGHT us Drake.

And to THAT end I managed to piss off a whole shitload of people over at the Global Voice Facebook page.  Yep, that was my article in The Critical Post and about now all those lightworkers are on Day 2 of their ritual voodoo disruption of my personal space.   Yeah, proponents of freedom my ASS.  They can’t even be civil to each other on their own page.  But, I stirred up enough of a hornet’s nest they required an hour of emergency radio time to discredit my discrediting!

I was called a disinfo agent, among other things, and was accused of comparing freedom to a cult.  S’cuse me?  Not so fast there, you 5D idiot.  What I did was compare the techniques that all you Love and Lighters over there at GV use to those used in thought reform.  At the very least, you’re guilty of censorship-only because your too stupic to reply with any competent thought when your Messenger has his message questioned.

But, back to Real Life…I believe The Drake has a radio show today and I hope he’s still in that fortified bunker broadcasting from a secure location because he’s got some serious s’plainin’ to do.  Not that he will. I fully expect this broadcast to be a hatchet job on the Critical Post and myself.  He’s run out of intel at this point (And, yes, Drake, I KNOW where you were getting it before), so he may even resort to reading the phone book.  Who knows?  This is getting very interesting…..


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