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It’s been exactly 36 hours since 24-year-old James Holmes kicked open the door of a crowded movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, and proceeded to open fire on the patrons there to watch the new Batman movie.  Over a dozen people were killed, and many, many more wounded.  My heart goes out to the survivors who will have to live with that scene etched in their memories for life, and I extended the most sincere condolences to the families that lost their loved ones in such a violent and tragic manner.May the deceased find peace in the next life….

I have a problem with this whole Colorado Shooter thing.  A very BIG problem.  Like most VERY BIG problems it is centered around the media.  We have the 24/7 news cycle reporting on everything from Holmes being a “shy and introverted kinda guy” (yeah-aren’t they always?) to how even NOW the law enforcement officials in Aurora cannot defuse Holmes’s booby-trapped apartment because the traps are “sophisticated” and unlike “anything they’ve ever seen before.”

And no one finds this unusual?

Holmes is allegedly a PhD candidate drop-out, with an advanced degree in neuroscience and had been drawing unemployment.  Yet, SOMEHOW he managed to amass an arsenal of weaponry and tactical gear that, conservatively, would be worth around $20,000.

And no one finds this unusual?

Holmes rigged his apartment with boobytraps so complex the local PD is having issues disarming them, and he had military grade explosives in his possession, in his car at the scene as well as in his apartment.  He was also sporting tactical body gear and tossing tear gas canisters in the theater.

And no one finds this unusual?

Why is the media NOT asking these questions?  How does an unemployed neuroscientist manage to bankroll an operation who’s supply costs alone are $20000 or more?  How does a 24-year-old kid with no military background get his hands on military grade weaponry and explosives?  How does a shy and quiet grad school dropout manage to rig his apartment well enough that bomb squad officers are having issues disarming it?  The media was sure as hell quick to announce he bought his AR-15 at a local store and it was purchased legally.  So, why not where he bought the tear gas?  Where did he get the body gear?  Who gave him the plans for the booby traps?  Why did he have all the toys in his car if his plan was just to shoot up the theater? How much experience did he have with the weaponry found in his possession?  Did he have a FOI Card?  Did he shoot alot?  If not, why did he have the card and when did he get it?  Why is the media NOT following the money on this one?

Because this is a distraction, a flase flag to deflect our attention from the REAL bullshit that’s going on like the head of the European Division of the IMF bailing on his job and leaving a letter making it very aware that not only is the IMF incompetent, but that they knew about the Euro Crisis coming and did NOTHING to avert it.  Or how about Joe Arpaio having enough damning evidence against Obama to bury him and effectively halt in its tracks any re-election campaign, but federal investigators won’t do their damn job.

Why? Same reason the medias won’t do theirs.  They are BOUGHT and PAID for.  The industry is in so many pockets and federal law enforcement is a joke when we have an Attorney General that’s guilt of treason.  Think Holder will do time? HA!  Holder won’t get a slap on the wrist.  He’ll get a “talking to “I”m sure, but not from Obama.  Noooooo. He doesn’t have the balls for it.  Valerie Jarrett will step and up and say “Eric, you naughty boy… the way thanks for distracting the Sheeple so I could get to work on this lastest EO .  He thinks all this shit is HIS idea, ya know….”

Do NOT allow this tragedy in Colorado to force your eyes off the REAL stories, like the 800 TRILLION Libor Scandal or the Gun Ban Treaty up for vote on the 27th.  Do NOT believe that this is just some “random event.”  There ARE no “random events” for these people.  Do NOT think that James Holmes “just snapped.”  Do NOT take your eyes off what is happening in the mid East and the fact that London is terrified the Israelis will hit Iran during the Olympics, not to mention the possibility of another False Flag event there.  Do NOT believe everything you hear or see.  You MUST do your own research, vet your own sources, follow your own trail.  The Truth is still the Truth no matter which road you take to get to it.  And, for the love of God, people (and YES, I used the “G” word and had the AUDACITY to even capitalize it!)  be aware of your surroundings at ALL times.  The path ahead is a little weird- hell, the path BEHIND is a little weird.  But, above all else……THINK.  Do NOT let the Colorado shooting disappear into that Black Vault with Vince Foster and Larry Silverstien’s insurance policy.  There’s more to this story, and we WILL find the Truth….


Been out in the Real World for a while the past few days- unplugged and acoustic.  It’s pretty much the same Out There as I remember- people snarly in the grocery stores, ready to bite your damn hand off if you DARE reach for the avacado they’ve been eye-fucking for the last ten minutes.  Ya know, I just don’t want guacamole that bad.  You can feel the tension in Wal-Mart, the Supershrine built to honor my own personal god, Capitalism.  I love my hometown consumer cathedral- all the checkers know me, some are even friends.  But, you can feel it from them, too- that weird sort of pre-tornado vibe, like they’re all getting ready for SOMETHING but they’re not sure what it is.  I’m pretty sure I know what it’s NOT.

And that brings us to today’s lesson: DENIAL.  The storm that’s brewing Out There in the Real World is the undercurrent, the Common Denominator, that’s fueling alternative media these days.  Pouring napalm on that fire has been our old friend and compatriot, Drake Bailey.  I’ve discussed him extensively with the guys at the Critical Post (When do I get that damn parking spot, Scott?) and friends of mine that have been thrown off Global Voice’s Facebook page(I love you, Monika and Michael! Thanks for the book!) and we’ve come to the same basic conclusion: Da Fuck????

Believe it or not, Bailey is soaking his fifteen minutes of fame for every last second.  Remember that whole Yellow Light thing?  then the 72-hour notice thing? then the Green Light thing?….yeah, none of it ever happened.  I gotta hand it to ol’ Brother Bailey and his Possum Pizza eatin’ friend Rick Light (AKA Minuteman), they handled the whole Non-Event like pros: deflect, derail, deny. Sounds a Whole LOT like what we’ve already GOT, huh?  Not one word was mentioned of the Non Event.  That radio show following the alleged deadline was like listening to an hour of Connie Chung- boring, pedestrian, leaving you with the feeling like you ate something BAD but you weren’t quite sure WHAT because it tasted good at the time.  Bailey came on and pretty much READ the daily headlines, giving HIS take on the major news stories.  Puh-leeze.  Like anyone gives a shit what HIS take is? At least I’ll dress it up with a little conspiracy theory every now and then (yep, I’m ALL OVER the Colorado Shooter…).  The REAL conspiracy here is how Bailey amassed such a following in the FIRST place.  If you ever check out the Global Voice Facebook page you’ll come to one very basic realization.  It was people like THAT that allowed Mussolini to rise to power.  Sheep.  I, myself, conducted a little experiment to see how mind-fuckable they were.  I posted six or eight times in quick succession, using all of their “love and light” buzzwords while saying ABSOLUTELY NOTHING-and ended up with not only people telling me I knew what it was all about and the binary form of a shitload of high fives, but a dozen friend requests!

I laugh about it, but the truth is, it’s not even remotely humorous.  The die-hard followers that are still there in Bailey’s camp have the legal right to drive, vote and own firearms.  They have the ability to procreate and in some cases, ALREADY HAVE.  We should be afraid, friends, very afraid.  There’s a whole ‘nother generation out there encoded with the Stupid gene.  Beyond that, there’s the little matter of not being capable of independent thought.  Yes, I know- it’s no longer taught in American schools, but that serves as NO excuse.  THere is a segment of the population that has just CHOSEN not to care because it’s so much easier to focus on when ET’s gonna beam them up.  They are followers-and not even the GOOD kind.  If I were a General, I would not want these people under my command.  Sure, they take direction better than a trained sea otter, but what if I were to give a WRONG command?  A FAULTY command?  Blind allegiance would lead them straight into the line of fire and they would die, never having questioned my authority-all because I “knew what it was all about.”  Yep, scary, huh?  And while I see potential for REALLY BAD stuff to happen with followers like that, I gotta admit I’m sympathetic for about a minute.  It’s hard to be understanding when you know they’re just that FUCKIN’ STUPID. (Obviously, compassion-NOT my strong suit…).

The glow from Bailey’s messianic aura IS fading- and fading fast.  He’s managed to piss off a whole lot of people that were angry to begin with.  And yet, in spite of the fact that he’s been outed as a fraud and a charlatan, he maintains the charade with his cast of compadres: Possum Rick, Canada’s version of Tokyo Rose, and the apostles that have been with him since the “beginning.”  He continues this masquerade while even HE has got to know, one way or another it won’t end well.  Me?  Oh, I’m gonna stay on top of the story like a lumberjack on a ten dollar hooker.  There’s MORE to this- I just KNOW there is.  You really want to know what’s going on, you FOLLOW THE MONEY- and somewhere in the middle of this fucked up version of the New Testament SOMEBODY’S making bank.  You can bet on it….

My, what a bizarre week it has been- but if you’re reading alternative media I don’t think I have to tell you that.  This whole Drake phenomenon has spread like a raging case of herpes through the  Underground.  Well, at least it was until the deadline came.  And went.  And nooooo mention was made on Drake’s twice-weekly radio show.  Huh.  What’s wrong with this picture? In fact, whaqt’s wrong with the ENTIRE picture?  It doesn’t take a staffer at JPL to figure out that this was one big fantasy (with a smattering of the Truth here and there) fro the get go.  Sure, the Keenan lawsuits are real.  But, that’s the ONLY part of this delusion that is.  There IS no “plan”, the militia were NOT put on high alert, and just in case you’re wondering, don’t quit your day job cuz there ain’t no NESARA payout comin’.  Yeah, that part bummed me out, too.  I already had my first $75000 spent.


I guess that island and Naveen Andrews are just gonna have to wait a little longer.

By the way, with all the hubub last week of militias and green lights, it made me wonder how many people out there think militias are only a haven for sideshow freaks and religious zealots.  They’re not.  To that end, I did a little research:

This week’s passage of Drake Bailey’s deadline and the Event That Wasn’t ( a military takeover of the government backed by American citizens with the help of US Marshals and militia groups) has the alternative media buzzing. At one point, Bailey claimed to have issued a “yellow alert” to all standing militia nationwide. While most find Bailey’s claims ludicrous at best, his name is linked to the American militia, casting an already long shadow over the movement. Mention the word “militia” and invariably images conjured up involve the Hutaree, charged with plotting to kill law enforcement officials (later acquitted on all but a few firearm charges) or the Sword of the Lord, a paramilitary fundamentalist Christian group based in rural Southern Missouri. John Trochmann, head of the Montana Militia and linked to the disastrous operation at Ruby Ridge, brought attention to the movement, but very few understand what a militia really is, having only the sensational media stories of subversive plots and anti-establishment lifestyles upon which to base their opinion. But what is a militia? Who joins one? Are their any legitimate groups out there? Or are they all havens for extreme right-wing whack jobs and paramilitary post-apocalyptic doomsday prophets?

There are two types of militias in this country. The first is the Organized Militia,created by the Militia Act of 1903, an offshoot of the 1792 Uniform Militia Act. ( ) This group consists of State militia forces, particularly the National Guard. This is the “well regulated militia” as understood in the Second Amendment. This is not to be confused with the National Guard of the United States, a federally recognized reserve military force. The National Guard is under the jurisdiction of the governor of each regiment’s respective state and can be called up during domestic disasters, such as hurricanes or floods, to provide security and protection for the public. The second group is the Reserve or the Unorganized Militia, also created by the 1903 Militia Act, and consisting of essentially anyone eligible for the draft or any able-bodied male seventeen to forty-five. ( ) Because this group is not chartered nor subject to gubernatorial jurisdiction, there are no standard rules or regulations to follow, each group independently creating their own. It is under this heading that the more sensational groups fall. While some of these groups are religious in nature, some are also constitutional, formed to exercise their Second Amendment rights and preserve the Constitution.

In 2008, prior to the Obama election, there were 149 militias nationwide. Today, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, there are over 1200, an increase of 755%. ( ) Why the upswing? “Brian”, a member of the South East Michigan Volunteer Militia explained it this way: “Well, anytime we get a Democratic president in office, people become concerned, including myself, and we get a resurgence out there.” ( )

Their “concern” is centered around what they believe to be the slow dismantling of the Constitution and the increasing growth of a government encroaching on more areas of civil liberties. These people are rarely in the spotlight and receive little positive recognition from the media. Even the Anti-Defamation League gives a rather inflammatory view of the movement, claiming that it is a “relatively new right-wing extremist movement consisting of armed paramilitary groups…with an anti-government conspiracy-oriented ideology.” ( )

It is true that the modern movement gained speed in the wake of Ruby Ridge and the botched raid at Waco Texas on the Branch Davidian compound. However, not all militia groups fall under the definition given by the Anti-Defamation League. In a discussion group on the Ron Paul website this was found, in regard to militia membership from a Libertarian standpoint:

Submitted by ZioSlaveNation on Sat, 05/12/2012 – 14:52.

99% of people in the Militia movement are good folks … the movement is a reaction to two things 1.growing Federal power grabs 2. the cultural disintegration of the U.S.

And yet another, confirming suspicions regarding media bias:

Submitted by JCole on Fri, 05/11/2012 – 17:13.

Is there a militia movement out there that is solely anti-tyranny? Most reports on militias that I see seem to portray them as having some other agenda… anti-Black, anti-Hispanic, anti-Jew, Neo-Nazi, etc. I’m sure there is a probability that the press reports on them unfairly, but it seems to me that the good intentioned militia members get upstaged by their bigoted brothers.

( )

That uphill battle for respectability grows more difficult ever day when militia is linked to someone like Drake Bailey. The movement seems to draw conspriracy theorists and fanatics desiring to live out their fantasies in a paramilitary world. Not all unorganized militias are populated by right-wing extremists or racist groups preparing for an apocalypse. There are far more members in the movement that merely believe in preserving the Constitution, and serving their community in times of disaster. For example, the mission statement of the Sauk County Riflemen Wisconsin State Militia states: “Our mission is to defend the Constitution, the people and property of Wisconsin and the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” ( ). Florida’s Citizens for a Better Government is even more innocuous stating that their group “is a community-sponsored information gather and sharing group that meets for fun, food, and fellowship” ( ). In 1996, Sam Sherwood, leader of the now-defunct Idaho Militia, stated “The whole movement is being distorted on one side by the press and media, and taken over by the nuts and crazies on the other.” ( )

Fast forward fifteen plus years and not a lot has changed. The movement is still divided. With the arrival of, and association with Drake Bailey the movement will have an even more difficult time establishing its legitimacy and polishing its image. Bailey claims to have given all militias nationwide a “yellow alert” sometime back, putting them on notice for for the Event. This was posted to the Well Regulated American Militia site:

Reply by Drake on June 26, 2012 at 10:58am

How about this?…
Executive order……
The G-20 meeting…

ALL militias.
We are under an emergency.
Foreign troops are set to disarm us.
The bad guys are attempting to declare war on us…
MM has the emails if the links above don’t work. Asked him to post this.
Somethin might be hittin tha fan real quick like.

( )

And in reply:

Reply by Captain Huggy on June 27, 2012 at 9:05am

Athena, what I have heard (and I keep detailed notes) is Drake say that if the military (backing the US Marshals) does not step up and arrest the cabal, then the ET’s will do it and capture the bad guys and throw them into the Sun, and that failing then the militias will be sent after them, thousands of militias, to capture the cabal and if they resist the militias just might go into their offices and shoot them dead! And no, I didn’t imagine any of this, I heard him and his supports say it!

Somewhere in there I keep thinking, is this planning for a coup? Since he put out his alert to the militias, I haven’t heard him or Minute Man say anything. Wait for his radio show and it will be clear, is what I am told! Where are the arrest warrants? Where are the US Marshals and where do the Militias stand on this? I know the Militias feel that they are always ready, so how does one know if they are really on alert as ordered by Drake?

( )

And, again on the “yellow alert”:

Reply by Captain Huggy on June 27, 2012 at 10:08am

I did speak to two Militia Commanders in my state and they say they are always ready, but that they are not on alert, as alleged by Drake.

( )

How can the movement possibly retain any credibility whatsoever? The vast majority of militia are people who care about their community and want to protect and serve in any way they can, some being VFW members or local volunteer fireman. They are not poster children for psychiatric profiles nor are they preparing for a worldwide apocalypse. The shadow across them grows longer when people like Bailey step into the spotlight and the battle for legitimacy only grows harder.

…the world is STILL spinning.  Did anyone really think it wouldn’t?  This little “rabbit hole” with The Drake gets deeper and deeper the more I investigate it.  The good news?  I now have help from my OWN version of White Hats- a small band of aggressive rebels dedicated to throwing off the mantel of oppression and exposing Global Voice for what it really is!  Okay, maybe that WAS a bit dramatic but it got your attention, didn’t it?

The “Green Light” was given well over 72 hours ago. What has happened?  Not a damn thing.  There was a nasty storm that hit the east coast a few days ago leaving hundreds of thousands of people without power.  Because of this, a lot of folks have left their homes and gone to hotels, relatives, etc.  Even Drake.  Yep, that’s right.  The Saviour with the Answers that’s been instructing all of his followers to stock up on supplies and “get prepared” was so well prepped himself that he BAILED.  Hmmm.  See anything wrong with this picture? (btw, I credit Monika the Troll for that observation-thanks M!)

There is a blind obedience within the Global Voice network that is truly frightening, and I’m not talking about the “enlightened souls” that are channeling info from the Pleides.  I’m talking about the regular folks that are so desperate for change and so disillusioned by their own lives that they hang on EVERY word The Drake says.  Let’s not forget not too many days ago Drake himself stopped just short of calling for a massive insurrection.  His credibility at this point is SO questionable even David Wilcock has distanced himself and he was the one that BROUGHT us Drake.

And to THAT end I managed to piss off a whole shitload of people over at the Global Voice Facebook page.  Yep, that was my article in The Critical Post and about now all those lightworkers are on Day 2 of their ritual voodoo disruption of my personal space.   Yeah, proponents of freedom my ASS.  They can’t even be civil to each other on their own page.  But, I stirred up enough of a hornet’s nest they required an hour of emergency radio time to discredit my discrediting!

I was called a disinfo agent, among other things, and was accused of comparing freedom to a cult.  S’cuse me?  Not so fast there, you 5D idiot.  What I did was compare the techniques that all you Love and Lighters over there at GV use to those used in thought reform.  At the very least, you’re guilty of censorship-only because your too stupic to reply with any competent thought when your Messenger has his message questioned.

But, back to Real Life…I believe The Drake has a radio show today and I hope he’s still in that fortified bunker broadcasting from a secure location because he’s got some serious s’plainin’ to do.  Not that he will. I fully expect this broadcast to be a hatchet job on the Critical Post and myself.  He’s run out of intel at this point (And, yes, Drake, I KNOW where you were getting it before), so he may even resort to reading the phone book.  Who knows?  This is getting very interesting…..