Insanity Prevails….

Posted: June 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

So, “word on the street” has it that The Drake (do we call him The? or should he retain a single appelation?  you know, like Prince? or Madonna?) has issued a “Yellow Alert”.  What the fuck does THAT mean?  That the Masses should continue ahead listening to his every word cautiously?  I know “I” will.  There’s something that just doesn’t smell right about this good ol’ boy.

Drake claims to have been an E-4 in Viet Nam.  That much I will believe.  But, he talks about things far above his paygrade, asserting to be given this knowledge because he could “keep his mouth shut”.  Uh-huh.  My father was Marine Recon in South East Asia in the 60’s and ultimately ended up being company commander because “they didn’t have a captain”.  This was not an unheard of practice for the time, troop casualties being what they were.  But, if being at Khe Sahn and keeping your mouth shut entitles you to some sort of Pentagon favor, my uncle should be on the Joint Chiefs!  And I find it somewhat convenient that The Drake was associated with every major battle site in Viet Nam- Khe Sahn, Mai Lai, the TET Offensive.  Hell, I’m guessing he did seven tours and had a permanent camp on the Mi Kong Delta!  He claims to have hit the scene in anonymity for safety’s sake and yet a ten minute search on my part yielded various aliases and his movements over the last seven years and I’m certainly not NSA!

Now, we have a “yellow alert” issued by him.  WTF?  What exactly does that mean?  He has so many people drinking the kool-aid and incapable of any rational thought that it could mean ANYTHING- especially after his last interview where he stated that if the military didn’t do their job then it was up to the People and he referred to it as a “full Revolution situation”.  But, I thought ET was here to save us.  Or help at the very least.  Maybe they won’t do THEIR job either.  Huh.  Must be union…

At any rate, it is my sincere hope that I am wrong and that The Drake does NOT end up getting a bunch of people hurt in one way or another.  I think he means well- I just think he GROSSLY underestimated the level of desperation of the populace and that stupid people in large groups should ALWAYS be feared….


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