Rational Thought Has Left the Building….

Posted: June 21, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Ya know, whenever I felt like I was being lied to in the workplace and something wasn’t quite right,  I made a habit of following the money.  You want to know where the lies originate?  Follow the money.  Odds are, it’ll lead you right to the playmakers and the instigators.

I mention this because I recently read a post from the Resistance Member, Cobra, concerning funding the cabal overthrow and, honestly, I’d like five minutes alone in a room with this guy because he’s insulting to anyone with modicum of intelligence.  Oh, all the “Lightworkers” are bitching about now wondering WHY I bother to read his site if I find it so offensive.  To keep me apprised of how many fuckin’ idiots are out there I’ll have to deal with once the shit hits the fan.  All this talk of Ascension and crystalline bodies and intergalactic keggers with lesbian Indie-acoustic bands as the headliners… I believe  in what Voltaire said.  However, what I do NOT believe in is the manipulation of people’s hopes/fears FOR PROFIT- which is exactly what Cobra is doing now.  Not only is soliciting donation, but he’s making claims that money the Jesuits hold is HIS, furthering the sympathies of his Band of Merry Idiots.  Here’s MY thing:  prove it, Bitch.  You want to take advantage of people in this way, prove HALF the shit you’ve told them.  Even Drake has more balls than you, because he uses his real name.  Or does that go against some Pleidian incarnate protocol we’re unaware of?

Entities like you make me sick, trying to profit of the backs of the well-intended, but clueless.  I bet your momma’s proud of you.

People ARE waking up-you should remember that. Justice WILL be served.  Remember that, too.  Some of us are busting our ass in the freedom movement.  And some of us are just lying it off….


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