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Been gone for a while and wow! did I ever come back in the middle of a raging shitstorm!  The intel “insider” Drake is apparently making HUGE waves with his recent revelation of negotiating a surrender with the members of the Cabal.  I’ve been keeping a close eye on the Net and I can tell you the troops are SERIOUSLY divided over THIS one.  I’ve stalked several different websites now over the last couple of days after listening to the latest Drake interview myself and all I can really say is   “Da Fuck?”

It seems that one camp is quite sure negotiations with these evil, blood-sucking, lizard-face wearing, baby-eating, war-mongering cabalists (wait! I forgot capitalist pigs!) are completely without merit and the only REAL solution is immediate execution…if they only knew who they were.

The other side feels that sending love and light and visualizing a mass surrender under peaceful conditions will not only spare the planet but hasten the institution of NESARA and we should all just picture them surrounded in white light loving their fellow man while ET lands in the back fuckin yard.

Did I mention they’re landing?  Apparently, they have taken it upon themselves to put the wheels in motion, and ,also, act as our clean-up crew, while keeping an eye on the Bad Guys, their movements, their bank accounts, etc.

And, of course, there has been the requisite call for “financial help”.  Did you know that according to the Resistance Member known only as Cobra a minimum donation of 1000$ along with  monthly payments would go a long way in paying for the downfall of the Cabal?

I absolutely can NOT make this shit up.

Now, what truly frightens the hell out of me is not the Cabal, not being rounded up and put into a FEMA camp (which they would’ve already done considering they’ve had a file on me since I was 12…), but that there are actually people out there that BELIEVE this bullshit!  I could go on-line, invent some sort of enigmatic alter-ego, post cryptic messages to this site, and believe me, a 1000$ minimum donation toward “love and light” would go a long way in paying for my son’s med school!  Especially, if I had at least 100 sheep out there to do it!  Who is this clown kidding?  Cobra, my ass.  Talk about the long con.  And the short stupid!

Here’s something that will bring about planetary peace:  I want every one of Cobra’s subscribers-especially the ones that have seriously considered sending him a check- to fill their hearts with love and picture ME on that fuckin’  island sucking down Bottomless Mai Tai’s with Naveen Andrews and no cell service.  Okay, maybe that won’t do shit for planetary peace but it would sure improve MY state of mind!


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