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Well, what the opiated masses have been waiting on came about 8:30pm last night.  The enigmatic Drake declared his “Green Light Situation”.  What exactly does this mean according to Drakology?  In a green light situation, the American military is to begin the round up and begin mass arrests of all those involved in the Cabal, that amorphous group of baby-eating evil doers.  Don’t get me wrong- I am completely against eating babies.  I didn’t eat mine.  But, really…who’s drinking the Kool-Aid now?

I ask this because today the Supreme Court upheld Obamacare as constitutional.  How much they were paid is irrelevant-it was still done.  Attorney General Eric Holder is expected to be held in contempt of Congress(which essentially means absolutely NOTHING) , and we’re under yet ANOTHER executive order.  So, if the Military was actually going to move, I suspicion it would have been about the time NDAA was passed.  And yet, they didn’t.  I have seen nothing out of the ordinary in my neck of the woods today to indicate a military coup is at hand, much less alien landings to clean up the planet (did I mention those?-actually looking forward to their “healing chambers” because I need a shoulder replacement…)

Most amusing is what I find on a Facebook page called Global Voice.  This page is dedicated to Drakology and Operation Green Light- and the intolerance and infantile behavior from those claiming to be “Lightworkers” is…well…STAGGERING.  The majority of posters there are all about freedom-until you have a dissenting opinion.  Then, like a third grade playground tussle, they resort to name-calling and personal attacks, stopping just short of the standard “yer MOM”.  All these “old souls”, all these “enlightened Beings” all these spreaders of “love and light” are like a bunch of high school cheerleaders going after the same quarterback.  I never bothered to ask if any of them had read Voltaire (or Mein Kampf, for that matter) because it was all too obvious, and I try never to have a battle of the wits with an unarmed person- it’s just not sporting.  The few that actually question Drakology or the Green Light are viciously attacked, leaving me to wonder how they can ever expect peace on this planet when they can’t even have it on their fucking Facebook page!

If you think this is an exaggeration, think again.  There is a journalist out of Chicago named Brian Sidler that is doing his best to bring this whole story to light, and I have personally witnessed him being called everything fro a “troll” to a “shill” to even having his own integrity challenged because he was drafted and fought in Viet Nam.  I got a feeling ol’ Brian didn’t want to be in Nam anymore than anyone else, and I find it interesting that DRAKE was in Nam but no one has accused HIM of fighting “for the bankers”.  I don’t know if anyone reads this blog, and I don’t really care, but if you do, for the love of all that is holy, DO NOT join that page – unless you really want to see what a perverse version of freedom looks like.  I’m tellin’ ya- it ain’t pretty.

As for you, Mr. Brian Sidler-hang in there.  We both know the days of Woodward and Bernstien are long gone, along with ANY sort of critical thinking skills;  you’ve got your work cut out for you.  Hopefully, in the next 72 hours, these narrow-minded, hypocritical nanny-lovers will get a big face full of fuck you and realize it’s all been one big scam.  And if you and I are BOTH wrong, well….you can always find me on that island.  Good luck to you, wherever you are……


Insanity Prevails….

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So, “word on the street” has it that The Drake (do we call him The? or should he retain a single appelation?  you know, like Prince? or Madonna?) has issued a “Yellow Alert”.  What the fuck does THAT mean?  That the Masses should continue ahead listening to his every word cautiously?  I know “I” will.  There’s something that just doesn’t smell right about this good ol’ boy.

Drake claims to have been an E-4 in Viet Nam.  That much I will believe.  But, he talks about things far above his paygrade, asserting to be given this knowledge because he could “keep his mouth shut”.  Uh-huh.  My father was Marine Recon in South East Asia in the 60’s and ultimately ended up being company commander because “they didn’t have a captain”.  This was not an unheard of practice for the time, troop casualties being what they were.  But, if being at Khe Sahn and keeping your mouth shut entitles you to some sort of Pentagon favor, my uncle should be on the Joint Chiefs!  And I find it somewhat convenient that The Drake was associated with every major battle site in Viet Nam- Khe Sahn, Mai Lai, the TET Offensive.  Hell, I’m guessing he did seven tours and had a permanent camp on the Mi Kong Delta!  He claims to have hit the scene in anonymity for safety’s sake and yet a ten minute search on my part yielded various aliases and his movements over the last seven years and I’m certainly not NSA!

Now, we have a “yellow alert” issued by him.  WTF?  What exactly does that mean?  He has so many people drinking the kool-aid and incapable of any rational thought that it could mean ANYTHING- especially after his last interview where he stated that if the military didn’t do their job then it was up to the People and he referred to it as a “full Revolution situation”.  But, I thought ET was here to save us.  Or help at the very least.  Maybe they won’t do THEIR job either.  Huh.  Must be union…

At any rate, it is my sincere hope that I am wrong and that The Drake does NOT end up getting a bunch of people hurt in one way or another.  I think he means well- I just think he GROSSLY underestimated the level of desperation of the populace and that stupid people in large groups should ALWAYS be feared….

Ya know, whenever I felt like I was being lied to in the workplace and something wasn’t quite right,  I made a habit of following the money.  You want to know where the lies originate?  Follow the money.  Odds are, it’ll lead you right to the playmakers and the instigators.

I mention this because I recently read a post from the Resistance Member, Cobra, concerning funding the cabal overthrow and, honestly, I’d like five minutes alone in a room with this guy because he’s insulting to anyone with modicum of intelligence.  Oh, all the “Lightworkers” are bitching about now wondering WHY I bother to read his site if I find it so offensive.  To keep me apprised of how many fuckin’ idiots are out there I’ll have to deal with once the shit hits the fan.  All this talk of Ascension and crystalline bodies and intergalactic keggers with lesbian Indie-acoustic bands as the headliners… I believe  in what Voltaire said.  However, what I do NOT believe in is the manipulation of people’s hopes/fears FOR PROFIT- which is exactly what Cobra is doing now.  Not only is soliciting donation, but he’s making claims that money the Jesuits hold is HIS, furthering the sympathies of his Band of Merry Idiots.  Here’s MY thing:  prove it, Bitch.  You want to take advantage of people in this way, prove HALF the shit you’ve told them.  Even Drake has more balls than you, because he uses his real name.  Or does that go against some Pleidian incarnate protocol we’re unaware of?

Entities like you make me sick, trying to profit of the backs of the well-intended, but clueless.  I bet your momma’s proud of you.

People ARE waking up-you should remember that. Justice WILL be served.  Remember that, too.  Some of us are busting our ass in the freedom movement.  And some of us are just lying it off….

Been gone for a while and wow! did I ever come back in the middle of a raging shitstorm!  The intel “insider” Drake is apparently making HUGE waves with his recent revelation of negotiating a surrender with the members of the Cabal.  I’ve been keeping a close eye on the Net and I can tell you the troops are SERIOUSLY divided over THIS one.  I’ve stalked several different websites now over the last couple of days after listening to the latest Drake interview myself and all I can really say is   “Da Fuck?”

It seems that one camp is quite sure negotiations with these evil, blood-sucking, lizard-face wearing, baby-eating, war-mongering cabalists (wait! I forgot capitalist pigs!) are completely without merit and the only REAL solution is immediate execution…if they only knew who they were.

The other side feels that sending love and light and visualizing a mass surrender under peaceful conditions will not only spare the planet but hasten the institution of NESARA and we should all just picture them surrounded in white light loving their fellow man while ET lands in the back fuckin yard.

Did I mention they’re landing?  Apparently, they have taken it upon themselves to put the wheels in motion, and ,also, act as our clean-up crew, while keeping an eye on the Bad Guys, their movements, their bank accounts, etc.

And, of course, there has been the requisite call for “financial help”.  Did you know that according to the Resistance Member known only as Cobra a minimum donation of 1000$ along with  monthly payments would go a long way in paying for the downfall of the Cabal?

I absolutely can NOT make this shit up.

Now, what truly frightens the hell out of me is not the Cabal, not being rounded up and put into a FEMA camp (which they would’ve already done considering they’ve had a file on me since I was 12…), but that there are actually people out there that BELIEVE this bullshit!  I could go on-line, invent some sort of enigmatic alter-ego, post cryptic messages to this site, and believe me, a 1000$ minimum donation toward “love and light” would go a long way in paying for my son’s med school!  Especially, if I had at least 100 sheep out there to do it!  Who is this clown kidding?  Cobra, my ass.  Talk about the long con.  And the short stupid!

Here’s something that will bring about planetary peace:  I want every one of Cobra’s subscribers-especially the ones that have seriously considered sending him a check- to fill their hearts with love and picture ME on that fuckin’  island sucking down Bottomless Mai Tai’s with Naveen Andrews and no cell service.  Okay, maybe that won’t do shit for planetary peace but it would sure improve MY state of mind!