Excuses, Salt, and the Coming Insurrection….

Posted: May 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

My middle son graduates from high school today- no mean feat in this age of heroin and meth-enhanced education.  He’s an honor student.  No, really- he is.  He’ll graduate advanced classes with a better than 5.0 grade average and is going to one of the best pre-med schools in the country.  If there was ever a reincarnaton of Thomas Jefferson my son would be it: he has an insatiable thirst for knowledge, varied hobbies and interests and is just as at home discussing Call of Duty 4 as he is Geothe and Plato.  And he’s 18.  Why is he like this?  Because he is self-directed with an insane amount of personal responsibilty.

Which brings us to what I wasn’t talking about.  For anyone that’s been following the whole David Wilcock/ Drake/ Neil Keenan/ Bill Wood AKA Whatever-His-Name-Is-This-Week story, I think a few things have become glaringly apparent:

1) There seems to be alot of “critiquing” as far as the choice of spokesman for the Resistance.  Because of his “down home” demeanor, Drake has been accused of being a plant/poor chice/cabal member- pick one.  Typical response for a public that’s too stupid to do any real thinking beyond who should be eliminated on American Idol.  Personally, I think Drake is perfect for the role.  The ones that have a problem with him site the fact that he couldn ‘t possibly be one of the Good Guys because he refers to executions, etc.  I’m guessing these are the same people that think having a gun for home protection is a good idea but you should keep it locked up.  Really?  Let’s be honest- some of the Bad Guys deserve to be executed.  And not all of us out here are “lightworkers” raising our vibrations by sending out love.  Most of us are just trying to get by.  Which is why Drake skyrocketed to fame-because he RESONATES.  There are more of us that would pay admission to the executions than there are willing to wait for their vibrations to raise or for them to reach ascension or spontaneously combust or whatever the hell it is they’re supposed to do in a world of “perfect light”.  There’s no pretention about Drake, no bullshit, and the People love that because they’ve been fed so much of it for so long.  Drake says he hung out with MLK and his family.  While that makes him an exceptional individual during a time of racial tension it doesn’t necessarily make him a pacivist.  My husband went to school with the King kids…that doesn’t make him Ghandi.  Alot of the problems we have are due directly to the fact that no one is held responsible for their actions.  I’m not going to sit around and wait for a criminal to self-rehabilitate.  I’m sure the folks that would rather pray than flip the switch mean well, but that’s not Justice- Biblical or otherwise.

2) According to the Bill Wood interview of May 3rd, Obama was due to come out at the G8 Summit and tell it like it was.  Wow, Bill-you’re source made you look like an idiot! Don’t mean to rub salt in the wound but I wouldn’t wanna be in your shoes when all your detractors figure this out cuz it’s gonna suck to be you.  Look at it this way: even a broken watch is right twice a day :)……

3) Something’s gotta give.  You can smell the tension in the air and there are alot of pissed off people out there.  One way or another the situation will be rectified.  It’s been a long time coming and, sometimes, a little insurrection is a healthy thing.


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