Voltaire Walks Into A Bar…

Posted: May 18, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Ya know, I had a previous post in mind about my middle son’s bestfriend, his penchant for my mashed potatoes, and how he is on the edge of a brand new life, graduating and blissfully unaware of what’s going on in the world at large.  But, I went to the Freedom Reigns website and read through the forums instead, and now I’m waaaay too pissed off to discuss Norton’s glorious future as a pharmacist living in the ‘burbs and the epitome of the American Dream.  Why am I this pissed off?  Because the people that seem to want freedom so desperately posting to that forum spend MORE time bitching and moaning about who said what to who.  Here’s my thing:

I don’t give a shit.

The ones whinging the loudest about post protocol and censoring and attacking alternative ideas will be the first ones eaten when the shit hits the fan.  You can prep all you want for what we all know/feel/think is coming, but it doesn’t matter if one simple principle is not understood:

Live together or die alone.

I’ve been following this mess for so long and anyone with half a brain and a sense of observation can see where we’re headed; the JPMorgan latest debacle just being the tip of the iceberg.  But, for god’s sake, people, are you really more concerned with who posted Bill Wood as a good guy or Veritas’ posts being so long he should get his own blog?  I really hope someone from that site picks up this blog so they can see how ridiculous they look.

This is about FREEDOM.

Isn’t it?  This is about stepping up and taking responsibility for your actions.  Isn’t it?  This is about restoring our c0untry to what we all know it can be.  Isn’t it?  Are your lives so small there’s no room for alternate opinions and respect for free speech?  It’s no fuckin’ wonder the military won’t step up- what makes you think you’re worth saving??

I don’t believe in the Galactic Federation of Light or the Ashtar Command or the Interstellar Coffeehouse Open Mike Night of Prime Directive Non-Interference.  But, the people that do have an absolute and undying right to do so.  The same goes for Bill Wood supporters or anybody else who’s opinion doesn’t gel with mine.

Have NONE of you read Voltaire?

Drop back and punt here, people.  If we don’t get our shit together and stop the bickering and infighting we’re not ready to be saved by anything or anyone because we sure as hell aren’t proving we can save ourselves.


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