NESARA, ET and Me…

Posted: May 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

It’s a beautiful morning here in the Midwest.  I was up early as is my habit with my brain already engaged in high gear.  I hit the usual sites on line to see if the world had gone crazy overnight ( my consumate fear), and upon discovering it hadn’t, got some coffee and thought about today’s post.  Yesterday’s was a jaw-dropper, and if you’re still trying to wrap your head around that one I suggest you come back at some other point because I don’t think this one will be any easier to digest.

What I chose to talk about in this post is pretty fringe stuff.  No, not the ET stuff.  I fully believe in the existence of extraterrestial life and I think to do otherwise would be arrogant and fool-hardy.  It’s the crap that goes along with it, disclosure of it, and how it is intimately linked to a prosperity plan referred to as NESARA, or the National Economic Security and Reformation Act.  And, of course, this is all tied into yesterday’s post of the Banking Cabal, Drake and the New U.S.

Seriously, I could never make this shit up…

In a radio interview a few days ago, Drake indicated that there are two versions of NESARA, a real one and a fake one.  The key to discerning the two was in the word Restoration as opposed to Reformation.  Restoration is apparently the bogus one.  Really?  Here’s a link to read up on it:

If you read through the main legislation, you learn it’s pretty straight-forward and, well, normal, full of fiscal reforms and tax issues that hardly appear to be outside the box or really much different in scope from some of the other reform plans that have been suggested since the country hit this downward economic spiral.  There is nothing radical or, as far as I can tell, overtly extreme about this plan- and who knows?  It just might work  It includes getting rid of the Fed (who doesn’t want that?) and fractional reserve lending, both stellar ideas,given the fact that both are responsible for the derivatives bubble fittin’ to burst any time now.  It suggests a return to an asset-based currency, amends the existing tax code and reorganizes the IRS.  These are all worthy ideas, some of which have even been expounded by Republican candidate-hopeful Ron Paul.

But…this is the “fake” one.

The “real” one it seems is much, much more…

Yeah, probably should have known but I couldn’t help myself.  This version of NESARA not only promises a complete regime change to a fully consitutional government and the release of supressed technology patents (also something I am all for) but Roosevelt’s New Deal on a global scale.  Depending on which site you go to, this version also contains plans for the release of something called the St. Germain Trust Funds and Private Accounts for every human being on the planet to the tune of somewhere between $75,000 to $100000 a month for the first seven to eleven years, not to mention a sudden worldwide peace, the end to economic destruction and poverty and the opportunity for us all to follow our bliss.  This follows hand in hand with worldwide Disclosure on not only the existence of ET’s/ED’s, but our interaction with and saving by.  Yes, friends, ET is gonna save us because we’re too fucking stupid to save ourselves.  And then, we”ll  have a shitload of money to go out and do even more stupid stuff with.

This is the “real” one?

Oh, I can hear the “lightworkers”  un-lighting me now….

Here’s my thing:  this would be incredible if it were true.  How awesome would it be to actually have a peace instead of a war?  to know that your kids and their kids would grow up in a clean and vibrant world full of opportunity?  to be able to enjoy life on this planet instead of constantly struggling to make ends meet?  I’m all for that.  And I will be the FIRST person eating Crow Cassarole if this happens.  But….really?

I could buy it if they stopped at the release of funding for humanitarian purposes across the globe; we’ve already seen that these accounts do in fact exist within the Neil Keenan lawsuit.  I could buy it if they stopped at the release of supressed technologies, because, let’s face it, the government will seize anything they think they can profit on first.  I can especially buy into a new constitutional government.

But, once it includes our “star brothers and sisters” and the Galactic Federation of Light encircling our planet to assist with our protection/advancement, that’s when I have to go what the fuck?  Couple that with the release of these Prosperity Packages and it turns into one big intergalactic utopian Warped Tour, complete with soap bubbles, rainbows and the ghost of Jerry Garcia.

Hey, if it happens before June, maybe Jerry would consider playing my son’s college graduation party- and with all that cash to blow, I’m thinking it’ll be at least a triple-kegger….


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