When The World Turns…..

Posted: May 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

I’ve been watching events play out in the alternative media over the course of the last few weeks and WOW! what a story, if you aren’t aware of it.  There are three driving forces on this planet we live on: money, sex and power- and this story contains all three.

Seems it starts with a bizarre story mentioned briefly in 2009 on the Glenn Beck show concerning the issue of stolen counterfeit bonds that turned up in Italy:


Sure, the story was weird-weird enough for me to remember all this time.  I didn’t really think much of it EXCEPT that it was weird until, one day, when I wondered what ever became of the story I came across this:


Apparently, suit had been filed in New York State for the return of these very bonds.  And since courthousenews.com isn’t exactly known for its conspiracy theories, I was intrigued.  WTF?

And, a little more digging led me here:


I didn’t know much about David Wilcock , the author of this blockbuster, but this article is full of sources and documentation, and I highly recommend reading it.  It will blow you mind.  If you are unsure whether to take the blue pill or the red pill DO NOT read this article, because you will never be able to look at the world around you the same way.  This intricate web of financial skulduggery and intrigue, murder and pedophilia at the highest levels, corruption and graft-THIS should be the biggest story of the century.  But, instead Main Stream Media is more focused on the death of Whitney Houston and how many delelgates Mitt Romney may/may not have.  Once you read this article you understand why- corporate media is OWNED by the same factions perpetrating these crimes against humanity- and let’s face it, that’s what they are.

But, it gets better- or at least BIGGER….

Since the publication of Wilcock’s article and subsequent updates an “insider” from what can only be called the Resistance Movement has come forward and given details involving a plan to replace the ENTIRE government.  Yeah, yeah, I know- a quick look at Wilcock’s site and you figure out he’s one of the UFO/channeled message/let’s-all-hug-it-out types.  A story like this on the website of a guy like THAT?  He’s definitely no Woodward OR Bernstein….but, neither were they when Deep Throat found them….

I suggest a perusal of Wilcock’s article:


Again, he does his level best to vet the information he puts out as far as he can. The interesting part, is this “insider” Drake.  Yes, that’s his real name, and yes, he is a real person.   Anyone with a modicum of computer skill can verify this guy’s existence in about 5 minutes-so, I’m not real sure why he insists on maintaining his anonymity.  After all, found him.

Nonetheless, Drake claims to have access and foreknowledge of a plan that has existed damn near as long as I’ve been alive.  This plan is for the peaceful takeover and transition of our current government and the financial forces behind it with the help of the legal situation created by the filing of the Keenan lawsuit.

I dropped down the rabbit hole months ago and I still haven’t hit bottom yet.

I know there’s something coming-we all feel it: like the air before a lightning strike.  Is this story for real?  Who knows?  History will prove whether it is or isn’t.  But, there can be no doubt that there is something on the horizon, something looming in the shadows like a pissed off father on prom night.  The world will turn, like it always does.  You can be assured of that.  But, my question is:  what is it turning into?


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