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My middle son graduates from high school today- no mean feat in this age of heroin and meth-enhanced education.  He’s an honor student.  No, really- he is.  He’ll graduate advanced classes with a better than 5.0 grade average and is going to one of the best pre-med schools in the country.  If there was ever a reincarnaton of Thomas Jefferson my son would be it: he has an insatiable thirst for knowledge, varied hobbies and interests and is just as at home discussing Call of Duty 4 as he is Geothe and Plato.  And he’s 18.  Why is he like this?  Because he is self-directed with an insane amount of personal responsibilty.

Which brings us to what I wasn’t talking about.  For anyone that’s been following the whole David Wilcock/ Drake/ Neil Keenan/ Bill Wood AKA Whatever-His-Name-Is-This-Week story, I think a few things have become glaringly apparent:

1) There seems to be alot of “critiquing” as far as the choice of spokesman for the Resistance.  Because of his “down home” demeanor, Drake has been accused of being a plant/poor chice/cabal member- pick one.  Typical response for a public that’s too stupid to do any real thinking beyond who should be eliminated on American Idol.  Personally, I think Drake is perfect for the role.  The ones that have a problem with him site the fact that he couldn ‘t possibly be one of the Good Guys because he refers to executions, etc.  I’m guessing these are the same people that think having a gun for home protection is a good idea but you should keep it locked up.  Really?  Let’s be honest- some of the Bad Guys deserve to be executed.  And not all of us out here are “lightworkers” raising our vibrations by sending out love.  Most of us are just trying to get by.  Which is why Drake skyrocketed to fame-because he RESONATES.  There are more of us that would pay admission to the executions than there are willing to wait for their vibrations to raise or for them to reach ascension or spontaneously combust or whatever the hell it is they’re supposed to do in a world of “perfect light”.  There’s no pretention about Drake, no bullshit, and the People love that because they’ve been fed so much of it for so long.  Drake says he hung out with MLK and his family.  While that makes him an exceptional individual during a time of racial tension it doesn’t necessarily make him a pacivist.  My husband went to school with the King kids…that doesn’t make him Ghandi.  Alot of the problems we have are due directly to the fact that no one is held responsible for their actions.  I’m not going to sit around and wait for a criminal to self-rehabilitate.  I’m sure the folks that would rather pray than flip the switch mean well, but that’s not Justice- Biblical or otherwise.

2) According to the Bill Wood interview of May 3rd, Obama was due to come out at the G8 Summit and tell it like it was.  Wow, Bill-you’re source made you look like an idiot! Don’t mean to rub salt in the wound but I wouldn’t wanna be in your shoes when all your detractors figure this out cuz it’s gonna suck to be you.  Look at it this way: even a broken watch is right twice a day :)……

3) Something’s gotta give.  You can smell the tension in the air and there are alot of pissed off people out there.  One way or another the situation will be rectified.  It’s been a long time coming and, sometimes, a little insurrection is a healthy thing.


Ya know, I had a previous post in mind about my middle son’s bestfriend, his penchant for my mashed potatoes, and how he is on the edge of a brand new life, graduating and blissfully unaware of what’s going on in the world at large.  But, I went to the Freedom Reigns website and read through the forums instead, and now I’m waaaay too pissed off to discuss Norton’s glorious future as a pharmacist living in the ‘burbs and the epitome of the American Dream.  Why am I this pissed off?  Because the people that seem to want freedom so desperately posting to that forum spend MORE time bitching and moaning about who said what to who.  Here’s my thing:

I don’t give a shit.

The ones whinging the loudest about post protocol and censoring and attacking alternative ideas will be the first ones eaten when the shit hits the fan.  You can prep all you want for what we all know/feel/think is coming, but it doesn’t matter if one simple principle is not understood:

Live together or die alone.

I’ve been following this mess for so long and anyone with half a brain and a sense of observation can see where we’re headed; the JPMorgan latest debacle just being the tip of the iceberg.  But, for god’s sake, people, are you really more concerned with who posted Bill Wood as a good guy or Veritas’ posts being so long he should get his own blog?  I really hope someone from that site picks up this blog so they can see how ridiculous they look.

This is about FREEDOM.

Isn’t it?  This is about stepping up and taking responsibility for your actions.  Isn’t it?  This is about restoring our c0untry to what we all know it can be.  Isn’t it?  Are your lives so small there’s no room for alternate opinions and respect for free speech?  It’s no fuckin’ wonder the military won’t step up- what makes you think you’re worth saving??

I don’t believe in the Galactic Federation of Light or the Ashtar Command or the Interstellar Coffeehouse Open Mike Night of Prime Directive Non-Interference.  But, the people that do have an absolute and undying right to do so.  The same goes for Bill Wood supporters or anybody else who’s opinion doesn’t gel with mine.

Have NONE of you read Voltaire?

Drop back and punt here, people.  If we don’t get our shit together and stop the bickering and infighting we’re not ready to be saved by anything or anyone because we sure as hell aren’t proving we can save ourselves.

NESARA, ET and Me…

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It’s a beautiful morning here in the Midwest.  I was up early as is my habit with my brain already engaged in high gear.  I hit the usual sites on line to see if the world had gone crazy overnight ( my consumate fear), and upon discovering it hadn’t, got some coffee and thought about today’s post.  Yesterday’s was a jaw-dropper, and if you’re still trying to wrap your head around that one I suggest you come back at some other point because I don’t think this one will be any easier to digest.

What I chose to talk about in this post is pretty fringe stuff.  No, not the ET stuff.  I fully believe in the existence of extraterrestial life and I think to do otherwise would be arrogant and fool-hardy.  It’s the crap that goes along with it, disclosure of it, and how it is intimately linked to a prosperity plan referred to as NESARA, or the National Economic Security and Reformation Act.  And, of course, this is all tied into yesterday’s post of the Banking Cabal, Drake and the New U.S.

Seriously, I could never make this shit up…

In a radio interview a few days ago, Drake indicated that there are two versions of NESARA, a real one and a fake one.  The key to discerning the two was in the word Restoration as opposed to Reformation.  Restoration is apparently the bogus one.  Really?  Here’s a link to read up on it:

If you read through the main legislation, you learn it’s pretty straight-forward and, well, normal, full of fiscal reforms and tax issues that hardly appear to be outside the box or really much different in scope from some of the other reform plans that have been suggested since the country hit this downward economic spiral.  There is nothing radical or, as far as I can tell, overtly extreme about this plan- and who knows?  It just might work  It includes getting rid of the Fed (who doesn’t want that?) and fractional reserve lending, both stellar ideas,given the fact that both are responsible for the derivatives bubble fittin’ to burst any time now.  It suggests a return to an asset-based currency, amends the existing tax code and reorganizes the IRS.  These are all worthy ideas, some of which have even been expounded by Republican candidate-hopeful Ron Paul.

But…this is the “fake” one.

The “real” one it seems is much, much more…

Yeah, probably should have known but I couldn’t help myself.  This version of NESARA not only promises a complete regime change to a fully consitutional government and the release of supressed technology patents (also something I am all for) but Roosevelt’s New Deal on a global scale.  Depending on which site you go to, this version also contains plans for the release of something called the St. Germain Trust Funds and Private Accounts for every human being on the planet to the tune of somewhere between $75,000 to $100000 a month for the first seven to eleven years, not to mention a sudden worldwide peace, the end to economic destruction and poverty and the opportunity for us all to follow our bliss.  This follows hand in hand with worldwide Disclosure on not only the existence of ET’s/ED’s, but our interaction with and saving by.  Yes, friends, ET is gonna save us because we’re too fucking stupid to save ourselves.  And then, we”ll  have a shitload of money to go out and do even more stupid stuff with.

This is the “real” one?

Oh, I can hear the “lightworkers”  un-lighting me now….

Here’s my thing:  this would be incredible if it were true.  How awesome would it be to actually have a peace instead of a war?  to know that your kids and their kids would grow up in a clean and vibrant world full of opportunity?  to be able to enjoy life on this planet instead of constantly struggling to make ends meet?  I’m all for that.  And I will be the FIRST person eating Crow Cassarole if this happens.  But….really?

I could buy it if they stopped at the release of funding for humanitarian purposes across the globe; we’ve already seen that these accounts do in fact exist within the Neil Keenan lawsuit.  I could buy it if they stopped at the release of supressed technologies, because, let’s face it, the government will seize anything they think they can profit on first.  I can especially buy into a new constitutional government.

But, once it includes our “star brothers and sisters” and the Galactic Federation of Light encircling our planet to assist with our protection/advancement, that’s when I have to go what the fuck?  Couple that with the release of these Prosperity Packages and it turns into one big intergalactic utopian Warped Tour, complete with soap bubbles, rainbows and the ghost of Jerry Garcia.

Hey, if it happens before June, maybe Jerry would consider playing my son’s college graduation party- and with all that cash to blow, I’m thinking it’ll be at least a triple-kegger….

I’ve been watching events play out in the alternative media over the course of the last few weeks and WOW! what a story, if you aren’t aware of it.  There are three driving forces on this planet we live on: money, sex and power- and this story contains all three.

Seems it starts with a bizarre story mentioned briefly in 2009 on the Glenn Beck show concerning the issue of stolen counterfeit bonds that turned up in Italy:

Sure, the story was weird-weird enough for me to remember all this time.  I didn’t really think much of it EXCEPT that it was weird until, one day, when I wondered what ever became of the story I came across this:

Apparently, suit had been filed in New York State for the return of these very bonds.  And since isn’t exactly known for its conspiracy theories, I was intrigued.  WTF?

And, a little more digging led me here:

I didn’t know much about David Wilcock , the author of this blockbuster, but this article is full of sources and documentation, and I highly recommend reading it.  It will blow you mind.  If you are unsure whether to take the blue pill or the red pill DO NOT read this article, because you will never be able to look at the world around you the same way.  This intricate web of financial skulduggery and intrigue, murder and pedophilia at the highest levels, corruption and graft-THIS should be the biggest story of the century.  But, instead Main Stream Media is more focused on the death of Whitney Houston and how many delelgates Mitt Romney may/may not have.  Once you read this article you understand why- corporate media is OWNED by the same factions perpetrating these crimes against humanity- and let’s face it, that’s what they are.

But, it gets better- or at least BIGGER….

Since the publication of Wilcock’s article and subsequent updates an “insider” from what can only be called the Resistance Movement has come forward and given details involving a plan to replace the ENTIRE government.  Yeah, yeah, I know- a quick look at Wilcock’s site and you figure out he’s one of the UFO/channeled message/let’s-all-hug-it-out types.  A story like this on the website of a guy like THAT?  He’s definitely no Woodward OR Bernstein….but, neither were they when Deep Throat found them….

I suggest a perusal of Wilcock’s article:

Again, he does his level best to vet the information he puts out as far as he can. The interesting part, is this “insider” Drake.  Yes, that’s his real name, and yes, he is a real person.   Anyone with a modicum of computer skill can verify this guy’s existence in about 5 minutes-so, I’m not real sure why he insists on maintaining his anonymity.  After all, found him.

Nonetheless, Drake claims to have access and foreknowledge of a plan that has existed damn near as long as I’ve been alive.  This plan is for the peaceful takeover and transition of our current government and the financial forces behind it with the help of the legal situation created by the filing of the Keenan lawsuit.

I dropped down the rabbit hole months ago and I still haven’t hit bottom yet.

I know there’s something coming-we all feel it: like the air before a lightning strike.  Is this story for real?  Who knows?  History will prove whether it is or isn’t.  But, there can be no doubt that there is something on the horizon, something looming in the shadows like a pissed off father on prom night.  The world will turn, like it always does.  You can be assured of that.  But, my question is:  what is it turning into?